Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Thoughts | 4 Nil?

Without getting too Eminem on you all, life is a battle. Everyone has an enemy, a demon, a struggle - my biggest is M.E. Around this time, marks the fourth year of it's distruction; whilst this is a downright horrible realisation, rather than dwell, I wanted to share some positive, otherwise obsolete, outcomes. Basically a silver lining or few.

Closer with my Parents.
The 'I want my own life itch' is there, but I've never been someone who is rushing to escape the clutches of my mum and dad. I am treated as an equal, though I still feel their protection and unwavering support and love, for which I am very lucky and grateful. I wish I wasn't dependent on them, but hope to find a way to give it back.

Basking in baked goods. How's that Uni food working out for you?

General more tolerance for the hard things, and appreciation for the little things. Don't get me wrong, the day to day gripes people make mountains out of mole hills, bug me. But I like to think I can empathise, and appreciate that all may not be as it seems in someones life. That and enjoying simply writing a post. Or buying a new lipstick - It doesn't have to be all bright neon flashing lights.

People. No, I'm not at Uni. Or work. Or equvalent, meeting new people, which I where I want to be. But some I've come to know better, and those friendships have substance I never realised was missing before. For example, would I have visited my cousins at 17. Would I have subsequently visited, called, texted, emailed, too and frow. Would I have been asked to be Godmother? I doubt it.

THIS BLOG. I doubt this would be fixture in my 'If I never had M.E' life, but now I can't picture me without it. The biggest difference? This really is an aspect of my life I can say I'm proud of.

Amber 5:4 Enemy


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