Wednesday, 8 October 2014


New year, New Debenhams winter competition to tempt me with - blogger perks aye?

This one in particular follows the usual theme of mood boarding, but with the twist of picking out pieces for a friend of your choice, giving you a chance to treat them aswell - if you're lucky enough to win.
I recently spent an extended weekend in Manchester to visit some special people, so I am picking Suzi over at, the mum who deserves some spoiling. True friend first, cousin second, she is just down right beautiful person - inside and out. Fellow blogee, beauty and clothes lover like me, I'd love to give her the opportunity to spend some money on herself - and maybe a beautiful baby grow or 2. Blog or no blog, she is my nominee - if that means I don't qualify? So be it, who doesn't love a bit of window shopping anyway.

Although the pastel palette collection was tempting my new found love for pale blues and greys, I am sticking with what I know/wear, and my taste is more akin to the modern military collection. Black and white meets different textures, to which I styled these mood boards within.
Luckily, this pale blue coat meets both criteria. Ever since the pale blue/baby pink leather jackets busted onto the scene, I liked them? But didn't love them. This moto style and longline fit courtesy of Julien Macdonald is different to those - still has the colour, but this is both weather and AmBlog appropriate.
Sophisticated and elasticated? I've always lusted over leather trousers, and in my imaginary basket, I manage to have the legs to pull them off.
Leather legs and leather shoes seemed too much till I saw these. Faux croc/leapard/snake has been pulling at my chic or cheap heart strings, but these scream elegance. A heel to add height, matte to dull the animal aspect, all within the chelsea style that I know and love.
I've jumped off the quilted bandwagon, as frankly, I'm sick of it, with this very givencyesc bag. Black, with more structure than slouch; small in stature, so perfect for shopping or lunch for which I would wear something like this too. On the pricey side, but think of all that money you save sticking with the highstreet.
Without this roll neck, I would never be mistaken as catwomen - Ok maybe I wouldn't be anyway. But I am rollneckless, and a Anne Hathaway lover, so it was always going to be my top of choice.

& that concludes the outfit for any understudy wannabe. *raises hand*

Already the owner of a stunning, statement red coat, I thought I would pick out a more neutral tone, so she would have an opposite option. An almost cream baby pink, we would look quite the pastel pairing.
She enjoys the decollete detail, and with 2 young children I thought that a jumpsuit was a quick easy way to look polished. She too deserves to dressup, just like her 4 year old, albeit a bit more sophisticated. Remember, black means the baby snot doesn't show.
Flats for being an every practical mum, these boots also break up the black. ASH Jalousse ish, they continue the theme of textures I've had going on, while being casual for day to day wear.
Almost brown black, to tie in with both the jumpsuit and shoes. Longchamp vibe, that replaces her battered day bag that coat more than this, but isn't up to the quality mark.
The modern military mix of metals works wonders to merge the black and taupe,
Her dearly beloved orgasm blush, was accidentally smashed by little hands, so I would throw in a replacement, if we were to win.

Which results in the perfect threads for a G&T or 2. Who knows? maybe this will make her feel brave enough to do her own blogpost. hint.


What do you think of my entry?
Maybe I'm a watch or earring short, & maybe the black and brown thing was just wrong. But Suze seemed happy, and I certainly am, and isn't that what fashion is all about?


More Info on the competition here
Simply enter, and comment a link to your post on their scmancy new blog.

£500 worth of vouchers - like a kid in a sweet shop, without those damn calories.
The competition closes tomorrow, so hup to!

~ I christen this the week of the take notes
~ Sorry for the near to closing date entry & prompt, Manchester trip came first.


  1. Love, love, love jumpsuit. Ps baby snot still shows on black! Xxxx

    1. Sorry I couldn't win it for you 2 gin
      haha thanks for the heads up xxx


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