Friday, 31 October 2014

Snippets & Snapshots | October 2014

Had a blissful trip to Manchester at the beginning of the month, but October has been hard. & frankly I'll be glad to have it gone. If you're not up for gholish nights on the town to night, let me entertain you with ghoulish faces of the month and other goings on in my monthly montage, for photos that don't fit into another post.

Poker Face / My eyes are up here / My favourite face
New Armour / Spider as big as my hand *wide eyed emoji* / Summer officially over
Afternoon tea spread / Sorry she's just so damn photgraphable
New DP / Hogwarts esc (similair and more on Insta @ambloguk )
We don't judge here..
..& anyone is welcome
Halloween calls for LOTS of makeup / Having a full on affair with Netflix - how did I resist for so long?
one of many sale, WANTs / Just waiting for it to ping back with a rabbit on it's branch #sosimpsons / Since when had trollies shrunk?

 Haven't emptied my bag in a while / Diet's going well / '

 She didn't get the memo / Second Sundays / '

 > Thoughts on whether I should save Elsa for next year? Or share it late? There just wern't enough hours in the day.

On the positive side of October,
here's to that year I've managed to stick around for on the bloggersphere

~ Manchester Photos are owed their own post. 
~ Next month I'll be encorperating Instagram Photos for anyone not on that bandwagon - then reassessing if snippets and snapshots is still a series I want to continue. Thoughts greatly appreciated.

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