Monday, 6 October 2014

Outfit | 'Greyscale'

Pebble/Dove grey is my absolute favourite tone of the year. I've already raved highly of the mani makeover you can achieve, but it stuns in an outfit too. I wore this a while ago, hence the white denim shorts, but a switch to dark jeans and I'm whatever the weather ready.

You can just imagine how many takes this took. 

This stripe knit is the souvenir of stumbling upon an A-lister. I'm not talking BigBrother/Soaps finest that the UK is known for - I'm talking Hollywood ranks. Judy Dench. DAME Judy dench. Aka M, ladiess in lavender an on. OFC I said nothing, looked awkward, and kept the excitement inside, but how damn cool is that? I actually walked straight past her, took a double take, because she looks so - normal? I don't know why, I must have expected fairy dust or something! But the whole of M&S was abuzz with the news, and I'll always associate this jumper with the day I met the women who put James Bond in his place.
Stunning casual piece too, fit/colour/material, all right up my street. The more I've worn and washed this, the better/softer it gets. Found in the sale at £17, then the next week £12 - so I did a cheeky swap. Part of my July Thrift Finds; shame there weren't other colours really.

The grey-faux-leather partner in crime is a disappointing eBay purchase. When what you order dosen't turn out how you thought/wanted it to? Yeah, just that.
But you know i'll be getting my money's worth even so.

I bought these white denim shorts, back in Manchester (De ja vu) aged 17 - a GAP special. Sale, £5, we thought they would make a great blank canvas for the tie dye we still have yet to do. Well, I liked them on there own? Loose on my legs (hard to find) and not booty short short; white denim, something I've lusted over before, they seemed too good pre DIY. So they've stuck around, and I've barely worn them. Wearing light colours on my legs, just, doesn't work! But with the philosophy of wearing things you don't that I've been trying to grasp ever since the rail came along, I did exactly that. They are quite big on the hips, but comfy enough with a belt - take 2 come next spring.

Along with that white theme, which probably won't keep up with the grey skys sure to follow, are my new leather converse - swoon. A late birthday present from my parents, these shoes are SO hard to find! You may remember them back in my 20th birthday wishlist, but unfortunately they sold out pronto on amazon. Shoe stores, brand retailers, websites, were all a dead end - until OFFICE. Pretty sure that was my first visit. I had to buy socks to make sure I got the right size, that's how important it was! Between 4 and 5 (my feet are shrinking) I went with the 4, since leather usually stretches - so my tip, try them on, you may be surprised.
Put to the side till special occasions and sunny days for now, atleast till I loose my new shoes/anal upkeep, but they should be easier to clean than the canvas pairs. I am a CONS fan, and these are just stunning. Trainers, but not a stretch to sportswear, they match me and my taste. Yours too? Warning, they're selling out fast.

Some look like I'm about to take off - my hair is a helicopters rota blades.

Lipstick was another feature of lipstick week, that I really don't wear enough. A deeper fushia, from the amblog acclaimed 'Kate' for Rimmel line.

Dripping in silver tone jewelery, I felt that with the neutral tone it needed some bling.

Striped Jumper - M&S Collection
Denim Shorts - GAP
Leather look Jacket - eBay, originally Topshop
Leather Converse - Office
Lipstick - Rimmel Kate Moss, 02
Tiered necklace - H&M
Rings - Essentuals
Bangle - Gift

Accidental celine hair tuck

Highlight tone for the blog? Must have subconsciously loved this colour for a while now - never linked the 2 before. Let's pray it sticks around.
~ The attempts deserved more amblog airtime (Pardon the pun), so I included maybe a few too many. Apologies.
~ Cold means coats. Happy Amber.
~ 3 nights in Manchester and I've already clocked 3 corrie stars
'I'd rather have curry'
~ Having a blissful time away with 2 gin and co.
~ Saw Frozen. I'm in awe. Don't even mind if we watch it a third time this extended weekend.

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