Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Face | 'I Robot'

I didn't start the magic that is messing around with makeup - in aid of halloween - early enough to make a series (which you know is my favourite setup), but I didn't want to leave any readers still stuck for ideas without even a smidge of inspiration. Or it to not feature atall on my blog.
I wanted to do a half real, and half halloween look - cos somehow real life objects can be a lot more scary than make believe. Like that Doctor Who 2D special I just caught up with - terror. The cliche half dead thought came to mind, but that's been done a hundred times & this is a beauty blog, so I didn't want to be all guts and gore. I scoured through my 'may give away' makeup products, and these metallic cream colours gave me the Robot idea.

Photo HOW TO, with credit to Rach

With the 'human side' I envisaged everything to be very perfect, slightly too perfect. The lips a little too big, the lashes a little too long, and my skin a little too flawless - that coupled with the same unnatural highlight, and mirrored shape of my Iron man wannabe, made it more believable as a robot trying it's hand at human.

Using facepaint, and cream eyeshadows of varying depths - I could create a base, and Kim K style contour that would be the envy of all wall-e's.
The paint turned out quite icy, which I think just added to the extraterrestrial vibe. Maybelline 'Colour Tattoos', my medium of choice - 'Eternal Silver' for eye, undereye, above jawline, nose, and various boney high-points.
Since the blue undertone came through, I went for navy accents. Loreal infallible 'All Night Blue' for the '3 sculpt' contours - forehead, jawline and cheeks - aswell as nose and eye creases; though the skin set, it was a nightmare to blend powders onto, and pieces were flaking off everywhere. I would suggest setting with some transparent powder so you have something to blend to, though a quick flake shake did the trick in removing most of the subsequent dust. 

The 'Immortal Charcoal', etched the outline of facial features, and eyebrows - which is one area I could have makeup tricked better, but I was doing this for a while. & I had decided my while was up.

Also blue was the no7 liner, review to follow but heads up, it's unbudgable. Feline flick to match that of the otherside, and slightly overdrawn blue lip, cos the shape looked cool, and I wasn't going to be wasting my money on blue lipstick.

I used various powders to set the creams I thought needed it - MUA's opal toned hightlight, lightly everywhere the contour wasn't, and wetnwild 'blue had me at hello' sliver shade on the lid.
A few more switches and buttons, than my 3 feeble glitter liner blobs, would have taken this to the next level. Also with some kind of medium, the rip more be undoubtably more believable - I also think the rip makes it more effective, than me being all robot and no Amber.
That and the fine line between roughing it up around the edges, and ruining it, would have me looking more muahahaha than manicured.

Left half - Human, Right Half - Robot.
~ SQUEAKY CLEAN FACE - I'm talking facewash not micellar water. Skipping the moisturiser for a day will do not harm in the long run, but can make facepaint stick better.
~ Consider which side you are going to paint - your dominant hand side, the 'good' side, or like me, the side with most spots.
~ Do the 'human' side first, more than half the face, as it's easier to layer over than fill in the gaps. It also prevented oil escaping in the t-zone
~ I think it's important to encorporate areas other than your face (in my case the neck) or it does look like a masc
~ I'm fair, so steered clear of black, but do switch out the accents or tones of any of the products - this is simply what I did.
~ Do not wear a white shirt
~ I think straight hair would work better, and some sort of Star Trek themed outfit? Like we all have one of those hanging around. ahem. Apologies for my both my baby and grownup hairs having a rave today.
~ This stuck around all day, almost forgot it was there, till you take into account peoples reactions. Most came off with facewash and water - though the liner lips took more persuasion, and they're still a little sore.
~ Let's be real, I won't be an extra in Doctor who anytime soon, but I'm still chuffed how it turned out, since it's all only facepaint and makeup I had in the stash.

Not really a halloweener, but it was fun to look through Robot tinted glasses for an hour or 2.
or 4.
- this aint no 3 minute makeup.

~ I found this YT video in my 'recommended' slot, after my own attempt at theatre art, and it's similair - and really well done.Batalash - Statue makeup
~ My baby cousin had her heart set on frozen, so that's next on the list(if I have time eeek).
~ With HUGE thanks to my best pal, photographer and part time muse Rach - they don't make em like you anymore. *emoji heart*  


  1. Wow it looks so great, very well done :) you look gorgeous x

    1. Thankyou Thankyou Thankyou :)
      ah the magic of makeup


  2. (Yes I do snoop on your blog sometimes!) This is incredible! Big fan of theatrical makeup and think this is super impressive - I like how playing with shadow changes the shape of your robot forehead. What did you use for the silver? I use mehron stage grade makeup for metallics - grain powder mixed with alcohol base, really glossy. Can bring you some to try if you do want to do a fantasy makeup series. There's always christmas and nye :) Catherine x

    1. I appreciate the snoops - thanks a bunch!
      I've become keener since the blog, all I did was apply the techniques of general makeup skills, just using unconventional mediums. No, using old/possibly out of date, good old face paint. But my, that sounds sho fancy. Love to! Christmas/NYE/starting reaaally early on Halloween? Music to my ears xxx

  3. Such a great tutorial - So unique!

    1. Thankyou!
      With thanks to many other inspirations, I am but an unconventional canvas


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