Friday, 10 October 2014

AmBlogstagram | 'Cross Country Cuddie'

I'm just here to say a whopping great, soppy thanks to this lovely lot, the Cornford Family.
Name explains the weekend perf-ect-ly.
Suzi. Apologies for being mistaken as my mum, and I'm sorry you don't take that as a compliment. Thankyou for sweet and healthy treats, and one hell of a chinwag.
Rupert. Thankyou, for acting as though me stealing your sofa bed was not an issue, and that open ear.
Rose, for Frozen, the dressing up. & Joe, for being scrummy, little, you. For all being you.

Being with friends and family is the best kind of therapy.

With love and crumpets

~ I say a lot of things of my blog, but never enough thanksyous. & this deserves it's own space, date and title.
~ Pretty sure it will take me a while to share my manc photos, but if you're keen, check my Blog insta @ambloguk
~ Kudos to me, for getting a photo with all smiles, no blinking, in one take. Pretty sure Joe is laughing at my double chin, but needs must.

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