Friday, 24 October 2014

1st Bloggerversary!

What a decision I'm SO glad I made - who knew rambles on a blogger template could be so therapeutic?
To Quote my first post, 53 views strong, worthy of 3 full 9-5 days wages with the chopping and changing and stress. But also the butterflies.

'From beauty, art and fashion, to advice, media and food, AmBlog will be full of the things I love - or anything and everything I feel like sharing..'

I like to think I stuck with what I was always hoping to create - a blog, anything and everything Amber. Thankfully I'm much more lax on spelling and 'how I come across'; but content is still the most important aspect for me. Maybe my photography, and placement could do with some upgrading/improvement, My layout could be more professional, and I'm not swimming in followers. But, I'm so damn proud. AmBlog is my puppy (Baby was just tooo much of a leap).

To any maybeunsureawannabe bloggers out there - Blogging is hard, but the concept is simple.
We all started the same way:
Write a post.
Then write another post.
Then another.

For once you can forget scedules and life pressures; aslong as you follow that mantra, no matter how far apart that writing is, you're blogging. About whatever on earth you want to talk about, because this space, is yours.
Blogging more successfully? That's something I, like every other blogger out there, is still learning how to do.
Starting with loving what you've created.

'..It is of course an added bonus, if anyone else loves it too.'
- Let's hope so

Many happy writing, reading, comments and follows

~ ^ I'll be doing a Google to celebrate this 1st year of many x
~ Can we pretend it's the 19th? Yes. This post is 5 days late.
~ I intend to do a more indepth 'blog tips/what I've learnt in the future. But for today let's enjoy the cake - red velvet to match my colour scheme.
& my cravings.


  1. Happy first birthday sweetie! It doesn't matter how many followers you have, as long as you enjoy what you write and the people who read simply enjoy reading! I love your blog and looking forward to many more posts in the future...

    Meg ♡

    1. That really is the sweetest comment, thankyou :)
      that I do, and I'm pleased as punch I share that with you

  2. Happy birthday AmBlog! Looking forward to a second year of helping with photos and temperamental computers, suggesting catchy phrases (including some you have liked!) and reading your posts. With love from your proud old Dad :) x

    1. Ah thanks da! I wouldn't have taken that blogging leap without your encouragement - and the content would be nowhere as good. Grateful for that love and wisdom xx

  3. I am so proud, you are my blog-spiration, now eat cake xx

    1. Bless ya. I don't need to be told twice, I'll save ya some - now go blog.


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