Friday, 31 October 2014

Snippets & Snapshots | October 2014

Had a blissful trip to Manchester at the beginning of the month, but October has been hard. & frankly I'll be glad to have it gone. If you're not up for gholish nights on the town to night, let me entertain you with ghoulish faces of the month and other goings on in my monthly montage, for photos that don't fit into another post.

Poker Face / My eyes are up here / My favourite face
New Armour / Spider as big as my hand *wide eyed emoji* / Summer officially over

Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Face | 'I Robot'

I didn't start the magic that is messing around with makeup - in aid of halloween - early enough to make a series (which you know is my favourite setup), but I didn't want to leave any readers still stuck for ideas without even a smidge of inspiration. Or it to not feature atall on my blog.
I wanted to do a half real, and half halloween look - cos somehow real life objects can be a lot more scary than make believe. Like that Doctor Who 2D special I just caught up with - terror. The cliche half dead thought came to mind, but that's been done a hundred times & this is a beauty blog, so I didn't want to be all guts and gore. I scoured through my 'may give away' makeup products, and these metallic cream colours gave me the Robot idea.

Sunday, 26 October 2014

Thrift Finds | BOOTSALE

Peaspottage Bootsale. Not even that early on Sunday. 100s of cars full. Pennies/£6.40. Holy mother of bargainess hauls.

Friday, 24 October 2014

1st Bloggerversary!

What a decision I'm SO glad I made - who knew rambles on a blogger template could be so therapeutic?
To Quote my first post, 53 views strong, worthy of 3 full 9-5 days wages with the chopping and changing and stress. But also the butterflies.

Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Life | 'Tea Time'

Saturday 11th October 2014
Last year was the time, that 'high tea' was the thing newly 20 year olds were doing to celebrate  - cos you know it's SO grown up. No mocking I swear. It was all over my Facebook timeline. Come 21st, it's a saunter up the shard which personally, terrifies me. So whilst being behind on the tea trend, the petrified of heights thing meant I spent my £25, on the previous. Well actually, I managed to bag an empty seat to my parents gifted tea trip. My mum's been really unwell, so for her it's been rescheduled. But the backup spot was delicious, and definitely worth sharing with you all. & I'm not talking a tea bag and Mcvities digestive here - crust cut sandwiches, cream tea, and a-few-bites desserts, of worthwhile (conversation and )calories.

Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Thoughts | 4 Nil?

Without getting too Eminem on you all, life is a battle. Everyone has an enemy, a demon, a struggle - my biggest is M.E. Around this time, marks the fourth year of it's distruction; whilst this is a downright horrible realisation, rather than dwell, I wanted to share some positive, otherwise obsolete, outcomes. Basically a silver lining or few.

Closer with my Parents.
The 'I want my own life itch' is there, but I've never been someone who is rushing to escape the clutches of my mum and dad. I am treated as an equal, though I still feel their protection and unwavering support and love, for which I am very lucky and grateful. I wish I wasn't dependent on them, but hope to find a way to give it back.

Basking in baked goods. How's that Uni food working out for you?

General more tolerance for the hard things, and appreciation for the little things. Don't get me wrong, the day to day gripes people make mountains out of mole hills, bug me. But I like to think I can empathise, and appreciate that all may not be as it seems in someones life. That and enjoying simply writing a post. Or buying a new lipstick - It doesn't have to be all bright neon flashing lights.

People. No, I'm not at Uni. Or work. Or equvalent, meeting new people, which I where I want to be. But some I've come to know better, and those friendships have substance I never realised was missing before. For example, would I have visited my cousins at 17. Would I have subsequently visited, called, texted, emailed, too and frow. Would I have been asked to be Godmother? I doubt it.

THIS BLOG. I doubt this would be fixture in my 'If I never had M.E' life, but now I can't picture me without it. The biggest difference? This really is an aspect of my life I can say I'm proud of.

Amber 5:4 Enemy

Sunday, 12 October 2014

Buys | 'Lip Additions'

I recently tipped the scales of 10 new lip additions this year.
I'm sure reviews will follow in the future, but I thought I would showcase the products in action on my lips and 3/5 key words on my thoughts - a struggle for a rambler like me. Luckily, my expressions speak volumes.

2 hauls in one week you lucky beggars - I will have to start begging soon if I don't keep my spending in check.

Friday, 10 October 2014

AmBlogstagram | 'Cross Country Cuddie'

I'm just here to say a whopping great, soppy thanks to this lovely lot, the Cornford Family.
Name explains the weekend perf-ect-ly.
Suzi. Apologies for being mistaken as my mum, and I'm sorry you don't take that as a compliment. Thankyou for sweet and healthy treats, and one hell of a chinwag.
Rupert. Thankyou, for acting as though me stealing your sofa bed was not an issue, and that open ear.
Rose, for Frozen, the dressing up. & Joe, for being scrummy, little, you. For all being you.

Being with friends and family is the best kind of therapy.

With love and crumpets

~ I say a lot of things of my blog, but never enough thanksyous. & this deserves it's own space, date and title.
~ Pretty sure it will take me a while to share my manc photos, but if you're keen, check my Blog insta @ambloguk
~ Kudos to me, for getting a photo with all smiles, no blinking, in one take. Pretty sure Joe is laughing at my double chin, but needs must.

Wednesday, 8 October 2014


New year, New Debenhams winter competition to tempt me with - blogger perks aye?

This one in particular follows the usual theme of mood boarding, but with the twist of picking out pieces for a friend of your choice, giving you a chance to treat them aswell - if you're lucky enough to win.
I recently spent an extended weekend in Manchester to visit some special people, so I am picking Suzi over at, the mum who deserves some spoiling. True friend first, cousin second, she is just down right beautiful person - inside and out. Fellow blogee, beauty and clothes lover like me, I'd love to give her the opportunity to spend some money on herself - and maybe a beautiful baby grow or 2. Blog or no blog, she is my nominee - if that means I don't qualify? So be it, who doesn't love a bit of window shopping anyway.

Monday, 6 October 2014

Outfit | 'Greyscale'

Pebble/Dove grey is my absolute favourite tone of the year. I've already raved highly of the mani makeover you can achieve, but it stuns in an outfit too. I wore this a while ago, hence the white denim shorts, but a switch to dark jeans and I'm whatever the weather ready.

You can just imagine how many takes this took. 

Saturday, 4 October 2014

Thrift Finds | August 2014

Inkeeping with the 'better late than never' theme this week, today I bring you my August thrift finds,
of which there is a shit tonne.

Split into Holiday and Home - most within my very own Oasis, the charity shops.

Thursday, 2 October 2014

Wishlist | 'This Manchester'

I'm off to visit my godson and co, loving nickname I promise, today! (wish me luck in London rush hour)
Aswell as many other activities, shopping may be on the cards, so I've whipped up a little wishlist of things that have been on my mind.

A camel/ beige coat. Something I've been google/ebay/searching for for a while. But I can't spend alot, and I've become rather picky. Luckily, I've found one pre trip, so fingers crossed it makes it here on time. It did, woooo. More info here.

Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess. CCO was mentioned and beauty butterflies started flying. My top choice would be bronzer, as my recently shattered crumbs don't make for an easy blend. There's are massive, and I hadn't swatched them in previous visits. But if the Estee Lauder shoe fits, like with the pink satin blush, this discounted beauty will hopefully be coming home with me

White tees, for which I am always in need of.

Not jeans trousers, I own one pair of non jeans or leggings trousers. I think that should change; my circulation needs a switch up every once in a while - but where to look?

Phone case. The 'indestructable' current case, has finally bitten the dust. It may not be pretty, and I may be mocked, but who is the only one to have not broken there phone? Exactly. Already ordered a new one, but things are getting silly - I made a clothes parcel to protect it last night. Makes me nervous.

Wagamumma, because it is my favourite restaurant, and they are the ones who introduced me in the first place. Forever indebted.

Ice cream farm. Because it's a farm, with major access to Icecream. Need I say more?

Primarily the trip is for spending time with some of my favourite people.
But, since Mum's op, bar a boot sale on the 2nd, we haven't been shopping at all - so I'm not surprised a list has formed. There are also charity shops just itching to be roamed, and a quality girl time to be had, so watch this space for hauls to come.

~ fingers crossed I'll have my posts sorted and sceduled by then, but do makesure you check my instagram for deets of the trip
~ I intend to add more links when I have more time
~ Happy late night shopping thursday!
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