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Thrift Finds | July 2014

Summer Sales! by 3 trips.

Well isn't this a massive fail! One of the few times I actually buy things from the highstreet, I cock up and the post ends up 2 months late! We must say sorry for blog slacking, *insert grovelling here*, just not for shopping.
Welcome to my long awaited sales scoop, and many a cringe at my awkward posing - you could need a cuppa.

Beauty Bits, built up quite a stash.

> I'm sure many of you will recognise the Eyeko skinny liner at the back there, and yes I was the one wading through to find the black colour. Glamour mag, thank you for bringing highend beauty, for £2, to the masses.
Everything else was found in 'The Factory Shop', probably a good thing I don't go in there often.
> I never pass up any 'I might wear this shade' of Kate Moss for Rimmel lipsticks - 3 more to add, at £2 a pop. The lipsticks are the only things I can come back with a fair opinion on - I LOVE THEM. & I don't even love lipstick! Full review on a few past shades, and the formulation here - though that may need to be updated as the collection is growing!
> Jemma Kidd, HD Brows and Korres where also stocked, so I decided to 'splurge' on 2 new base products, at £3 each. Shades were pretty picked through, and unfortunately the wild rose foundation turned out too dark. (I'm actually considering investing in a white foundation, as this isn't the first time, and I hate to waste my money - this would save me in the long run. Any advice is WELCOME )
> I've yet to try the hair dust, and Maybelline 'Hypercosmos'/look like baked shadows, which I don't remember seeing in store? But I'll get back to you. All products were new, sealed and serious savings.

> I also found Hawian Tropics, which is an absolute bonus. That scent! Coupled with an unsticky feel, and so far no sunburn, makes it my favourite sunscreen - it was down to £6 despite it being in season, barg. This Malibu face SPF 30 was purchased, exactly for it's purpose! Not bad, quite slick, so I probably won't buy it again.
> My shoe splurge splash, were these monochrome snakeskin effect 'sliders' from Primark. Beautiful, but £5 worth of comfy; i'll let you imagine that.

Clothes - Split into stores, sho fancy.

Call me an old granny but Marks and Sparks have really stepped up there smart casual game. I went in there twice, sale section ofc, and left with something each time. As I've said before, there 'Limited' (but not really limited/as limited as any store collection) line really takes my fancy, but prices like those will be akin to future established Amber funds.
But for now..

> High waisted, jean-look leggings. Built like a jean, aka pockets and zip fly, but opaque legging material - who ever came up with that design is a genius. The thickness has slight sucky-in appeal, means I have the modesty of a trouser, but still harvest the comfort of long jons. From the M&S 'Collection', £10.
> Oh no the return of the fine knit jumper. The slim body and fitted sleeves appealed to me immediately. Slight COS/Vince vibe with the front and back centre line exposed seam, subtly modernizes an otherwise simple striped crew neck. < Cop that. Brushed cotton soft, thin material. Small side slits, awkward, which I may sew up so it has more of a fitted seam. Second piece of pebble grey to creep into these parts, with a story that you'll have to wait around for; £12.

Zara, Online.
I banned myself from the Topshop Sale, that stuff is too pretty and impractical for even my blogs budget. But Mum & I couldn't resist a peak at Zara's. I was not dispointed.

Seemed out of season back then, but now it feels like great timing, I've added 2 more cocoon cardigans to the clan - in my defence, I have neither colour. & they were seriously bargainess.
> Beige/Oatmeal, slighty short, very soft cotton blend, ideal to pair with anything. £9.99
> Charcoal grey, practically midi length; now I know where the term cocoon comes from. I was slightly concerned as it contained a small amount of wool, which I am sensitive too, but I have no complaints. £5.99.
Definitely scratched my cardigan itch, if you'll pardon the pun.

River Island
I think RI has enjoyed a well deserved revival since the collabs with Rhianna. With the pricepoint and balance of basics to trend, half way between H&M and Topshop, I forget how down right lovely the bits are in there. Throw in the fact that it's sale season, and you're dropping into Primark price territory; I just had to take a look.
Rightfully so, it was manic in there. This was a definite example of sale shopping on steroids, which did take the fun out, and mean we gave up before we wanted to. But ofc, we couldn't leave empty handed.

VDM enabled, can you tell I want to be more like her?, this cami is quite like many on the market. Accept, ft this double strap, now synonymous with summer and that store. Pure coincidence that both me and Rach found ourselves one, from the floordrobe (k maybe a little dramatic) mayhem that was the store. Hers being Orange, jel. Mine being black, affectionately nicknamed 'splodge' floral print, in satin. Fits well, adjustable, no qualms, £8. If I coulda, I woulda bought more.

> Reminds me of my AA long sleeved crop top, but in my favouite fabric/mirage/form - fine knits. That's right, 2 in one haul - my 'I don't have a striped one' excuse, is now wearing thin. Moving on, I love the slouchy style, V-cut, a skinny stripes. £10 well spent 5x over, and I've only had it a few months - my most worn July buy.

> The last RI spend was crafty. I spotted this cami from the RiRi collection. At first, I thought it was faulty, but now I think the cut was on purpose - but it was £1.75? I absolutely bought this to make some money; I knew the limited edition value would make me a tidy profit, and it was being sold for £18 orginally. But. I tried it on, and love it. Knotted or not, it's damn short! but now I get why so many people live in crops. Easy, breezy, basic, layering, and I must admit I'm tempted. Thoughts?

F&F seems to be a regular around these thrift finds. We usually end up with a massive bi-monthly food trip to our local superstore, and ofc I stray. This is another place where I head straight for the sale (I could make my way there blindfolded), despite the store being of great value? #cheapskate.
We actually went on the day we returned from Poole take 1, and I obviously had holiday highs running through my veins.

> I wanted to step up my beach coverup game, basically have a second option, & was immediately drawn to this. Yes, I was stoked by the fact my swimwear would co-ordinate, but also the fit and feel won me over. That and the price, £7.
> This is a shouldn't, but I did. It came down to a snapchat vote, and I am an orange blazer richer. Imagine a neon orange, pastel-ised - that is the colour. There were many dotted around the store, same exact shape,crepe, and style, in a multitude of colours - but they weren't on sale? Just this lone ranger. Turns out it has 2 tiny holes in the seams, which dropped it from £25 to £12. As a thrifter, you often have to be fixy - little wholes and missing buttons have saved me bags over the years

> Sole Charity Shop purchase was this white cotton summer dress. Simple, snug! The crisscross straps a nice touch (expertly covered up by my hair there) - just high maintenance in terms of ironing and steering clear of treats all day. #dietgoals. Shame it wasn't around for Dortie's 60th do; which yes, I still haven't posted about - add it to the list.
£2.99, originally ASOS, pictured various times above.
Today's tip, don't mix white dresses, with black pants, and flash photography.

I've got outfits/plural here!
Ratio of highstreet buys has shifted - but still with a thrifty theme.
Personal peak? My fine knit family is ever growing. I have an excuse for that now, not sure what mine was back in JULY. I'll get back to you on that.

Encase you were worried by lack of Thrift Finds, I'm still a shoppaholic, but a pull towards summer clothes has made my bank account much more poorly.
Oh well, I'll be well dressed next summer - or a holiday would suffice?

> Yeap you read that right, size 4 - my feet are shrinking?
> Sorry for snap quality.
> My celebration for finally finishing this thing late sunday night, LisaLisad1 Friday Haul
> Spoiler alert, this isn't the only haul a coming.
> How the eff do you spell synonymous.. Oh thanks spell check.
> Sorry, hashtags just get my point accross - Dad's more into twitter than me; honest!
> Miss you tan


  1. Great picks, lovely blog :) followed x

    1. Easy to find when you are surrounded by Summer sales
      Thankyou! on both counts
      I'll have a nosey on yours right now :)


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