Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Thoughts | United Kingdom?

Things'll be getting a little political around these parts today.
Like many English people, the looming Scottish Independence vote, is weighing on my mind.
For anyone not in the know, this involves the referendum to split the United Kingdom, and have an independent nation of Scotland. I realise it's a little heavy for a 'we're half way through the week' Wednesday. But, It was 2 for tuesday last night? & Pizza with pals had priority.
I'm not a political person, and although I read the news daily, I'm definitely out of my depth in campaign knowledge. I'm also not eligable to vote. So. I'm gunna stick with a rant of my thoughts, and silly screenshots to lighten the political load.

My overwhelming opinion? No! We want you Scotland!
We are 4 countires, bounded not by borders, but by unity.
We have a union. That has made us strong. Through World Wars, Recessions, Terrorism, Conflict - and the good; Olympics, Open borders, Shared culture, Alliance.etc. Being in Great Britian, doesn't make you unpatriotic Scot (doesn't make me an unproud English woman), it makes you a part of 2 great clubs rather than one.
I don't like the angles both sides have taken; the scaring mantra from Cameron. and the shaming attack by Salmond. The 'House of Commons' reminds me so much of a children's playground, and it angers me that the same tricks kids use in a tit for tat primary school argument, are being used regarding something so lifechanging.
I hear referances of Tarten, Shortbread, northern-lights, Nessy, to name a few cliches. It's not for your oil, or Andy Murray, or even so we get to keep the flag. It's beneath all the material things. People, everyday, British people. Without Scots, or any member for that matter, Great Britain wouldn't be great!

Some people will have an instant decision, a gut feeling, like me (although I appreciate why we can't vote, I wish we could). But for those unsure, there are hundreds of articles, outlining the nity gritty - be it NHS, Jobs, Defence, even Eurovision? To educate yourself with.

Either way, we have something precious - harmony. & although it saddens me, you don't need to look far around the globe, to be glad it's peaceful.

I'm not telling you who to vote, and why to vote, just to be sure on your decision - it's a leap that's been made, that we can't take back. & who knows what that leap will bring...

Well. We all will post Thursday.
What is for certain, my union jack will be firmly flying. /hanging.

> please tell me it doesn't sound as cheesy as it did in my head
> <3 Wales
> all snapshots courtesy of 'theLadbible' or Google


  1. Hey, congratulations, I just nominated you for the Liebster Award! You can check it out here:

    Love from Daisy ♥

    1. Thankyou!
      Always noice to have a little recognition :)

  2. Political things seem to stress me out a bit and I totally agree with you it's such a bad decision for scotland if they went independent!:)x

    1. Doing Gov & Politics A-level stressed me out A LOT, and I was only studying, not doing it!
      Lucky for us they didn't :)


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