Sunday, 28 September 2014

Take Note | Can't Find Your Perfect Camel Coat?

I've written this post pronto as I want to stear you in 2 directions
USC 50% off sale, and Lurch Hound Loves pick of the pack 

For anyone searching for the perfect winter coat this year, the camel trend must have crossed your mind - what with the likes of KimK and such. Maybe the, what I can only describe as 'dressing gown' style, isn't your cup of tea? Or that mustardy side of camel just does not go with your skin tone. Well, then I have a proposition for you

Clean shape, lapels for interest - but with no extra buckles/belts/buttons than needed. This Rock and Rags number is the perfect hybrid between beige, and camel, without being too light or too sludge. A long coat, but not too long - thin enough to bulk with layers, or throw over a dress any chilly evening. It is also MACHINE WASHABLE, which is hard to find my friends, and saves £8 every time it needs a spin - which really is saving, aswell as putting my domestic goddess genes into action. For someone with sensitive skin, majority wool is a no no, again hard to find - but this having 15% is managable. Along with an unassuming lining, again uncharacteristic of an affordable coat, gives it a 'it's so chic yet simple'. Can it really be THAT cheap? So yes, the price, £60 down to £30 in their current mid season sale (hence inpromptu post today), just needed to be shared from my AmBlog rooftops. I can't realiably review the quality(yet), or share with you the fit, but when coats end up being such a dent in anyones bank account, when you find a sleek/stunning, bargainess, coat that you think others will LOVE? Why not share it; isn't that what a Blog is for?

I say this all with eyes through the website, but that didn't stop me from purchasing it straight away!
Although I love a good wear your coat as a cape pose, I did struggle to find this mid model, so I did have to take a punt at size 10. I'll be sure to let you know how it works out.

Coats are my first loves, being in the UK that works well for me, fingers crossed my coat dreams come true. Preferably before thursday USC?


  1. Love this post and that coat is just perfect. Hope it looks great on you.


    1. Ah thanks!
      You're looking for a coat for ages, then 2 come at once aha
      Update in the pipeline


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