Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Snippets & Snapshots | September 2014

With Mum's op being at the beginning of the month, meaning she is unwell and can't drive for the forseable, I bring you mainly the antics of our hibernating at home. The scaled down version.

 FINALLY, one not taken! Should I include insta photos in my monthly montage?

 Is he getting taller or am I getting shorter? / Playing around with gimp / What slouchy sunday really looks like

 Banana / Mr English

 real friends gloat

 Magic / Matt smith impression / last hurrah for the highlighter till next year

 Before and after op

 Recommend - full, mix of black and brown, very bendy band.

 I'm at a loss rach / Gunieas

 How I'll make my imaginary millions / Gilmore forever / Steak supper

Beggers go pro let me down / Someone forgot to colour the sky in


 preach / ' /  3 users a charm

 Uhoh, Tesco grew a beauty department

 Thas ma gurl / want


Happy 10+21+25 birthday dad!

This month has not been an exciting one.
No Uni or LFW in my dairy - this is real life people

~ Really lagging behind on life posts, but I held relevant photos back from this. This really is the spot for silly ones. Hopefully you'll see the others sometime this millenium.
~ Here's to getting my blogging shit together
~ Manchester thursday, SO. EXCITED.

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