Friday, 26 September 2014

Life | 'Yorkie'

Not just a choccie girls CAN eat, #heforshe, or a yappy little terrier, Yorkie is an area far. far. away. Atleast from me. Shrek Quotes and food aside, it was also the beautiful setting for my Godson's christening. Although his mum would say otherwise, there was more to that trip than schmoozing with nuns, eating my body weight in fondue and wetting the babies head (with holy water ofc) - I'd just forgotten about it!
So here is the long awaited photo diary of our trip to York; last month, times by 4. 

2nd-5th May 2014
Not quite Wagamumma standards but it was tasty.
Did I mention the far far away already? We made 2 overnight pitstops on the way there, perusing towns, and sampling premier inn's best wears as we went.

Traffic was, slow. Steak supper one night, Thai the next, it really was like a little holiday.
We decided to steer clear of big cities (York, Leicester, Sheffield) since it was the Bank holiday weekend, but cutsy places with independent stores suited us much better. Sometimes it's fun to get lost?
We even managed to stumble upon a outlet centre - must have a homing device to those places. 
Cookie dough pizza. Wuht. 
^ Check the Windows
£1 trinket shop 
^ so blogable ^
 Saturday and Sunday night we stayed in a cluster of cabins, in the grounds of the abbey where the baptism took place. All of this in the dales wilderness.
*Rehearsal dinner*
Dad joined us on the Sunday morning - Baby day.
*Christening day extras*
 The many expressions of the Cornfords / When I announced the cake was coming. Gal after my own heart
Wetting the babies head, without holy water - thanks for the bracelet Roe
& we left monday morning. Couldn't not have landscape shot over the Yorkshire Dales
Selfie stick where are you when we need you?
I kid. I still do it the 2012 way. 
Managed to capture us pre simultanious sneezing? / Photo of the trip

Missed out on the chistening deets?
Ru's Photos atleast, are worth a peak.

Yeap that's right, Washing Up Liquid was my Life/Face&Outfit Post name inspiration
- bet chocolate bar's looking pretty fancy now int it.

> All Photos by Iphone, not bad aye?

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