Friday, 5 September 2014

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Thursday 4th September 2014
Wander around Wisley

Mum's pet name for her favourite RHS Gardens; and consequently part of my birthday contribution.
Brush past the fact I'm near on 3 months behind, with the excuses such as 'let's spread the bday cheer' and 'A-Levels before excitement', and you have yourself a grand day out.
Walking talking cliches clad in our floral.

Wallace and Gromit references aside, luckily this trip coincided with the yearly flower show, and sculpture trail - hence me uploading this post pronto.

Sky almost looks edited, but no, it was just completely clouded over.
Where's Wally of Cream-hat-men
Can't imagine how simply powerful flaunders field would have looked prime poppy season
Lunch / An Art A-Level Amber's paradise
We didn't actually take the sculpture trail, but stumbled upon definitely worth photographing
 what. Forever now known as Welligogs.
so blog-background-worthy
Bonsai - Small big trees??
NOM / Irony of being at a gardens, yet?
Mobile Map, just incase.
nicknames : Bubbles, Bubble, Bub, les, bleb, blub.. etc
Warning - Both grub and merch are not cheap.
London Globe - Neat huh? Shame it's £35 quids worth of neat.

Made a note to look everywhere, with my eyes, and just pick out certain aspects with my camera - it's easy to use your camera as your eyes, as a blogger/21st century citizen.

If like me, you have a relative/mum/granny/aunty/friend, who is either an out or in the closet flower feind - here's my suggestion, go to WISLEY. No it wouldn't be my first choice, But for years now I've been saying I loathe 'gardeners world', but end up snuggled right next to mum whilst it's on. Gardens - I didn't get it, but you can't deny the tranqulity. & top daughter points.

The Scoop
Long queues, so bring your own snacks.
Near on a hundred stalls, so be ready to shop
Bit busier than usual, so if you are after a quieter visit, I think it is open most days till 6pm.
National Trust member + guest is free.
Family friendly, bags of creative inspiration, or simply a picturesque spot for a walk
Large enough that it could be a whole day lost in endless garderns with contrasting themes, but also easy hour to fill.

If not, you can just enjoy the many pretty pictures's
Leaving readers with the image of your own dog in Googles - you are so welcome.

> Apologies for the mountain of photos, I wanted any unwizzled folk to get the full experience through AmBlog
> knowing how to change photo size is both a blessing and a curse; HTML'd more than an albums worth = Oblong eyes.
> & for anyone who is on the bloggers are narcissistic bandwagon. Nah. Not a single photo mention of me.

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