Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Beauty | First Impression Thoughts

Well that was something different.
Using new makeup for the first time, and actually considering what I thought of it straight away, beyond I like it/I don't. Managing to take photos of that without my elbow/other obscuring my view.
& how down right embarrassing/stupid, are the faces I pull when applying makeup?! I resemble the inspo for Emojis.
Encore? Well for that, you'll just have to wait till that heavenly box of beauty goodies comes calling again.

For now, the First, First Impression Trilogy ~
First Impression BASE
& resulting  FOTD
Arguably not an everyday look, but I think I managed to steer clear of drag queen.

Now we've got the first impressions out the way, it's time to find out what lies beyond - here I share the secrets.

~ For no makeup days, I like the feel and protection of something like this
~ With my everyday mineral makeup, I found my skin got oilier alongside this.
~ Will continue to use, but notice no benefits to application/longevity of my makeup
Recommend? Undecided.

Bourjois 'Healthy Mix' Foundation
~ Wouldn't call it coverage, more of a tint
~ Oxidation issues
~ I don't get the hype. I gave it one more go, and was still uninspired.
Off to a darker, dryer and unblemished skinned sister you go.
Recommend? No.

Rimmel 'Stay Matte' Concealer
~ Looking back on the photos, I am not satisfied with the coverage I have come to expect from a concealer; blemishes and undereye wise.
~ Colour matched well, not too orange
~ Moisturing core is a gimmick - if anything, I found it dry.
Recommend? No.

Rimmel 'Stay Matte' powder, '01 Transparent'  
~ Noticably finer than the tinted counterparts
~  I prefer the extra coverage my peachy babe gives me facewise. But,
~ I intend to invest in my own for my undereyes, and it's a great option for anyone out of the current shade range.
Recommend? Yes.

Rimmel Browpencil '004 Black Brown'
~ Not a first Impression, but my fail safe brow product.
Recommend? always YES.

Bare Minerals 'Warmth'
~ Red tone, emulates my natural tan to a tee. Though, I wouldn't recommend for fair skins, which does limit the times I can use it.
~ Did fade on the perimeters of my face
~ Tardis like quantities, & I only have the small size
Recommend? Yes.

Estee Lauder 'Electric Pink' Blush
~ For a matte powder, this is so pigmented and blendable, at the same time.
~ Compliments any eye/lip, as the pink emulates such a natural flush
~ Doubles up really well as an eyeshadow, if you are into that kind of thing, or just after another justification to splurge
Recommend? Yes, even considering the price.

No.7 Skin Illuminator / 'Radiance Boosting Beauty Fluid - Peach'
~ No shimmer or glitter, yet not matte. Pure GLOW. What a more dewy kim k dreams are made of
~ Tone rather than colour, translates onto the skin - a plus that they offer other shades
~ This is a higher cost than some 'Boots' worthy makeup brands, but this sample size will stretch! Coupled with their never ending offers and free vouchers, you can get a great deal on their quality products.
Recommend? Yes.

~ Application and longevity would have been improved with a primer/cream shadow base
~ Deep tone, neutral, great alternative to black and brown, making it easy to encorporate to many eye looks
~ Comparible to highend, matte eyeshadow counterparts
Recommend? Yes.

~ Lagging behind on colour intensity, especially considering the developments within affordable makeup
~ If a certain shade takes your fancy, it is inexpensive, and does the job. If looking for an 'all in one' look in a quad, step aside of bold behaviour.
~ Won't reach for this often, even despite the more wearable shades
Recommend? No.

~ Performs how you hope an expensive eyeliner would - soft, yet sticks around
~ Can't stand the test of time on my waterline all day
~ On second look, there is little product for your money
Recommend? The palette? YES. Alone? Undecided.

~ I really do notice how dried my lashes feel
~ Continues to be used to this day (aka 3 months later), with good results, all be it a little emptier and clumpier.
~ Most impressed I've been with a maybelline mascara so far
Recommend? Yes.

~ Love the formula - proof you can have matte lips without cracks and crumbles
~ Colour is growing on me, I think I prefer it with the pale, when cooler tones are more suited
~ In contrast to the other colours, it's lower down on how often it'll be worn
Recommend? Yes.

Sally Hansen, Daily Lip Moisture Gloss, 'Clear Charm'
~ Reminds me of the cheapo trinkets given out in party bags when we were 9
~ Sticky/tacky, colourless, and glittery. None of which are part of my lipgloss checklist - are they yours?
~ Nightmare packaging
Recommend? No.

Turned out to be a mixed bag/box

'till that box refills'

> MR EMOJI -  I demand recognition; but am willing to be paid in makeup.
> What didn't make the cut photo wise may feature in the future. If ya lucky.
> 20 years of friends? WHAT. That means I was a babe when it came out.
Still laughing at every re run.
> For anyone currently using GiffGaff goody bags (good choice), the deadline is today to freeze/alter your bundle before the rates change.

> Not sure why I add these mind rambles at the end. Like stupid texts to a friend.


  1. Think we may soon re fill the bag/box....!!!!!

    1. here here!
      & I have you leading me astray to blame

  2. beautiful make up look and some good reviews :) shame you couldn't get to the gauliter exhibition in time, I visited the bridal and horst exhibitions at the v&a today, not as impressive but the bridal one is definitely worth a look if you're in the area x

    1. Thanks on both counts :)
      I really love exhibitions like that, if only they had a mailing list or something?
      Perfect, I'm due a visit to London soon, and may well take that suggestion!


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