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Beauty | First Impression FACE

Today the spotlight is on face products from my beauty box of dreams,
my personal fav

The more often than not, forgotten sister to the Bare minerals foundation - Bare Minerals 'Warmth'This came along with my get started kid; smaller size at 1.5g, courtesy of the Howe's, on my 18th birthday. Though I loved, and still do, everything else in the box, bronzer was something I didn't know what to do with back then. Thankfully, Suzy's praises, and my curiosity, had me another go 2 years later.
Loose powder, this is slightly finer than their other mineral products. I don't like the twist and lock system as lots of the product get's stuck inside the mechanism, and wasted. Does mean you don't get a 'puff' of powder each time you open it, and is more appropriate for travel - so I guess you win some you loose some. Luckily, I had a in the know friend show me how to use it, though the DvD/YouTube how to would do the trick - tip, swirl & tap.
IT GOES A LONG WAY. Dots of this stuff could do my whole face, so I envisage this lone pot lasting me a lifetime. Bit fiddley; the Brush is shedsville, so the application was a little tricky. & hairy. Gorgeous, natural, red tone; believable - I applied to the tops of my cheeks, nose, and perimenters of my face. Little longer to blend, but the result is more seemless and natural than most. No shimmer, but there is a definite luminous quality. Not sure I can double it up as a crease colour, which is something I love to do with bronzers, purely because of the 'loose' setup.
Bottom line is I think the set is fab, and great value for money - 'Warmth' being an unexpected success, with a consequent post-first-impression review here.

I predict a few disproving looks from longstanding followers - despite it being part of my CCO splurge last March, no, I hadn't used it before! You know when you are just happy to, look, at some makeup products? Yeah I got tranced by this. But now I've got over that, and lost my Estee Lauder ginity.
A beautiful, cool tone, natural pink. Soft, yet bright shade - Estee Lauder 'Electric Pink', Satin formula. What dreams are made of.
First off, the pakaging is simply, artwork - you can't be storing this away. Although I'm a silver jewellery person, who cannot appreciate the down right beautiful appearance of makeup cased in gold. Smooth closure, decent mirror, brush I probably won't use - it screams expensive. £17.50 sale price, which is less than I expected, but still more than I would usually pay for 7g of blush. I went for a neutral colour (though I was tempted by the lurid orange), as wearing it everyday, is a great justification for the spend. Which I've obviously failed on, but no longer.
I don't have many blushes, but I can tell the difference luxe formula has. Although the pigment/colour intensity is easy enough to match, the soft feel and blendability trump my MUA counterparts. I was impressed with how foolproof application was; subtle, but visible cheek colour came off. Still there at the end of the day. No first impression complaints. apart from that it's tempted me to make my collection a couple.
Yeap, my blush brushe's Farrell came off.

A hidden gem of my complimentary No7 gift box, courtesy of a £15 spend last March, No.7 Skin Illuminator / 'Radiance Boosting Beauty Fluid - Peach' .
Travel friendly size, easy to manipulate squeezy tube. Champagne tone, with a Pearlesc quality, that merged with my skin tone really well. I love that this has no glitter, which is annoyingly rare to the highstreet. Unique thin, cream like texture, very easy to tap in with fingers - even over powder like that day. Doesn't leave a tacky feel; the tone nearly blends away, but the glow it leaves is almost dewy. I wonder how this would stand up to being mixed with foundation? It lasted well all day, despite powder touchups. I applied it to the high points of my nogin - though yet to find out if it's multipurpose, and works on the eyes aswell. I don't have the highest hopes.
Pale, to very tanned people could pull this off. If this sample size wasn't so generous, at 10ml, I would be straight out to buy the full size.
How does a review of said set sound?

The 3 products together, created very believable tones to my face - no longer one flat colour, but also not a multicoloured massives-of-makeup looking face. Ya think?
Funny how we first take the colour away with makeup, only to add it back in again.

I will say I much prefer applying: Foundation, Bronzer, Blush, Concealer, Powder, then Highlighter, in that order.
We all have individual routines, and it was weird not to stick with it!

> Apologies for last weeks lull, mum's operation had us all distracted and busy, plus the laptop crashed again.

> avec flash
> Again sorry for varying glaces, maneuvering a camera and mirror is more difficult than it looks
> First Impression Eyes, Lips, and Conclusion posts still to come.
> Yes I sneaked in my eyebrows, as I don't have anything relevant to try in that area.
> Match of the Day in the background to me writing this; Gary, what's with the purberty tash?

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