Monday, 22 September 2014

Beauty | First Impression EYES & LIPS

What is a full face of makeup without a lil sum'sum on the eyes
and a lick a lippie
No7 Stay Perfect eyeshadow, 'Matte Maroon' is exactly as the name suggests. A deep, almost brown purple; on close pan inspection not completely sparkle proof, though that doesn't show on the eyes.
A compact, compact, with a similair product size to MAC, plus quilted embossing. Super smooth texture, this eyeshadow packs a serious colour payoff. Not as easy as lighter or shimmery counter parts to blend out, but still a dream deep matte shade to work with. I first blended into the crease, found it a little choppy to start with, but I don't expect miracles for a pounds worth of purchase. For the lid I used my finger to apply, which resulted in concentrated colour straight away. A second, clean brush, made the 'smoky' shape as seamless as a dark shadow look can be.
With flash, the purple haze and deep tone, do not show up as strong, but I stopped using flash halfway through to show it's full potential. Despite being a fan of applying shadow with my fingers, crease colour and 'final blend' is an area I can't go without a brush; I was very happy with how this eyeshadow peformed each task, and met up to my high expectations for no.7 makeup.
(Keep subconciously reaching for a mouse, but finding this compact; new laptop, & touchpad to reaquaint myself with)  
This little Rimmel quad fufilled my hunger for some colour. Yes you could argue Maroon is stepping out of my neutral comfort zone, but go hard or waste makeup? Glam Eyes Quad '014 Bold Behavior', this was bought when I had my heart set on teal eyes for the 2012 leavers ball I was crashing - note to self, keep the experiments to the days when 1001 photographs don't come at you from every angle. I settled on an MUA goody, so this was pushed to the back of the drawer and forgotten.
Arguably dodgy shade selection; a 'radient orchid', emerald, charcoal grey, and crowd pleasing 'shimmery champayne', all crammed into a 3 by 3, mirrorless but double ended douffeted, palette. Again with the quilted embossing, is this a thing? You get 4.3g of shadow for under £5. I settled on the pink as my lower lashline smudger. Took a few swipes, but I ended up with a subtle pinky-purpley haze where I wanted it; complimented the lid nicely, without making me look like I was suffering from an infection. Not happy with 2 colours, I made it a round three, with the understudy to the MUA. With the original RT brush, I made my eyes more of a tear drop shape, softly joining my lower lashline and outer V. Happy coincidences the shade reminded me of a peacock, this smudged and smoked out quite nicely. If I had remembered, the champayne would have made a good inner corner highlight, but we all see that enough everyday to know what it looks like anyway. 
Not amazed, but not disapointed. Suprised this is a longstanding offering of their line? But I do love that Rimmel stays true to their roots with English spelling. You should take that lead Laptop.

* Bare brush blending*
Stila Smudge stick waterproof eye liner, shade 'Damsel' was a cherry atop the beautiful cake, that is the Stila 'In The Light' palette. Although the shadows have been getting a lot, and continuously loving from me, the liner had yet to be reached for. On average, I wear liner 1 of every 7 makeup days, but the brown over black eye-dea had me curious - See what I did there?
Sleek, thin design, with g worth of product making this a full size extra. A tempremental twist up; with the advantages of never having to sharpen, plus wooden sharp edges never scratching your eye, but also relying on a mechanism that works when it wants to, meant I smooshed this twice before application. Almost black brown in swatch, it warms up a smidge on the eyes. Very easy, soft, smooth to apply. Even applied to the water line in one swipe; I also dotted it on my upper lashline for a more subtle effect. Longevity yet to be determained, but often a liner smudges on my wateryeyes before my face is even finished, so by that reckoning it's already ahead. Impressed. 
Unlike many a beauty blogger/vlogger alike, Maybelline mascaras have so far never floated my boat. I find them over priced, for what they're worth - all kind of samey formula, conical tube with varying bog standard bristled wands. I've yet to be won over - but mascara is something you simply have to rebuy, and this was on offer. Mega plush 'Very Black', is there a not so black or something? One in the minyt tube with the matalic pink accents. Yuck.
One of the selling points, bendy wand? The advantages of that I do not imediately see. The brush is almost toblerone shape; numerous 'spokes' of natural fibre bristles, all of similair length, making up the brush. Good size for my eyes, easy to manouver between my lashes.  I applied 1 coat to each eye, the second in instant sucession - definite improvement.  I ended up with seperated, rich black, thickened lashes - the conditions I set for my mascara thumbs up. My lashes didn't feel brittle, but still very dry - not maliable in anyway. Although I don't curl my lashes, I envisidge this holding one well. No clumps, but this is first use, I'll let the visual do the talking.
Slight smudging through the day, but I put that down to no primer and oily/watery eyes - I think this maybelline is here to stay.
*The eyes upclose*
Colour on the eyes is just pleading for a nude lip, but unfortunately, my rationed makeup drawer doesn't take orders, so a new Rimmel 'Kate Moss lipstick, No.107' will have to do.
A neutral looking pink bullet that is deciptavly, not neutral. Think baby pink, and neutral pink had a baby; and dust in some extra cool undertones. The red tube, tells of it's matte formula. I love this formula. Easy, smooth to apply - wouldn't step as far as creamy, but for 5 or so minutes, this is easily malliable between my lips. The colour does make it forgiving in the application process, but do not think for a moment that this doesn't pack a pigment. No need for lipliner, I didn't experience bleeding, just even wear throughout the day. This does develops a dry, not heavy, feeling throughout the day, which is understandable; but a matte lipstick that dosen't crumble away, is a gooden.
I have high hopes for any Kate for Rimmel lipsticks, and this far from let me down - just need to make sure there is a '21st century Popstar' 21st coming up to rock this to. You think, Katy Perry/Kesha or Minaj are more recreatable?
In all seriousness, this was £2 well spent; already since worn many times.
Enjoy my application faces.
I decided I wanted gloss; and to cram in another first impression where I can. The struggle to get the thing out of the pakaging, then out of the brush, was real. Daily Lip Moisture Gloss, 'Clear Charm' ; who knew Sally Hansen had a line of cosmetics, out side of nails.
This was sticky, not 'moisturising' and the brush did little to make the application more even. Essentially a clear gloss, I think this made the lipstick more everyday appropriate, but I wouldn't wear it on it's own. Although it looks shimmery in the tube, this gloss is gritty with glitter.
Overall, I thought this was a waste of a pound, which isn't me being a seriously cheapskate, just very uninpsired - wouldn't rush to Poundland for it anytime soon, not even going to link it.
The end result over all matte, though lets be honest I wasn't going for co-ordiantion here. Colour's are a bit mismatched, but I got my first impression cravings satisfied for a while now.

Final opinion post to follow, for anyone that favours more than a first impression, like me. 

What are your impressions of my first impressions..
'Eurgh, was that spider in the back all along?'
Yeah, me too.
Curious about the other products on my face? 

> New Family laptop means hopefully more blog time
> Sorry I couldn't find an exact link to the No7 eyeshadow online
> Don't you love have blogger now automatically adjusts your photos in perfect ratio. Oh the little things.
> Now to play poker - wish me luck.


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