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Beauty | First Impression BASE

Being a thrifty shopper, with a beginners beauty collection stocked, I'm more often tempted by bargains rather than the 'new' / 'hyped' bits. Granted, staples in my beauty routine, and the odd 'ooo int that pretty' moments happen, but I more often go to Superdrug/Boots for inspiration and their clearance sections, than to splurge.
I also don't want everything open at once, so, I ration it? Which results in a heavenly box of goodies to pick at every now and then when I get the 'new' makeup itch.
I was obviously feeling wild/very 'itchy' when I returned from Poole take 1; hadn't worn much makeup the week before + holiday blues, which resulted in a whole face of first impressions to share.

Today's agenda, Base Products.
Bare face, internet; internet, meet bare face.

Primers appeal, though I've yet to find one to suit me - for reference, I have oily skin.
Garnier '5-Second Blur' Primer - offer at £8.66 / 1/3 off (seems to be eternally on sale), I can't deny that I was attracted to the iridescent pink packaging, and convincing ad.
Mousse texture (worth giving the tube a shake), milky pale pink colour. I settled on a pea sized amount; the product goes a long way, I reckon it's prone to overuse. Silky smooth feel upon application - I patted it into my t-zone, and smoothed outwards.
5 seconds yes, but takes a good 5 mins to set. Protecting? Ask my skin in 40 years. Pore minimizing? No, Smoothing? Yes. I didn't notice a difference to my average liquid foundation face longevity/before the oil took over. But that could be down to the foundation..

Accidentally picked up the wrong shade on the discontinued makeup stand of our local market.
Bourjois 'Healthy Mix' Foundation, the original, shade 53 - first foray into Bourjois bases. Not mad with the pakaging.
Applied how I would as normal, dotted on, then blended with the RT buffing brush - found I easily blended it away! Marks off for not standing up to my one pump average. The colour is maybe a touch too yellowy/beige - definitely too dark past few weeks post holiday. Stretch to a medium coverage; although I felt it tinted my skin, the overall covering imperfections capacities were weak. Thin texure, a foundation that stays tacky/dosen't completly 'set down'- so I would recommend a powder. Didn't notice any oxidation throughout the day, brightening? Ish. 16 hours? Never. Roughly 6 hour wear without need of touchup.
No idea why it's £10 plus on amazon, I got it for £3 and feel it's wasted.

Though I love the powder, I've never ventured into the other realms of the stay matte line be it old or new.
Rimmel 'Stay Matte' Concealer - Mum's, I borrowed it to accommodate my darker skin tone, yet still spotty skin.
'Soft beige' was a good match, despite the moisturising 'core' I found this a lot dryer than the concealers I use daily. It has a corrective but not brightening effect on my under eye circles; covered, but not long lasting on my blemishes. I happen to like the twist up, bullet/lipstick like style - though it isn't the most hygienic. It did the job without having a horrible orange tinge develop through the day, which I often get with collections offering.
Great price point. Would be nifty if the 'matte' line's foundation/powder/concealer names co-ordinated. Not amazed, but not disappointed.

I am well acquainted with Rimmel 'Stay matte' powder in 'Peachy Glow' aka, my always there powder. But I've never tried the 'translucent shade', and with my new found tan, this seemed the prime opportunity. Another of Mum's, and as you can tell from the compact, this particular one has been around a while.
Smooth powder, as expected. Generally much lighter feel on skin; very easy to apply a small amount, as it seems to be finer than it's tinted counterparts. No added coverage - set's the face, matte but not flat finish. Noticeable difference to a side with and without the powder, and big effect on longevity - I never go without a setting powder.
Does what it says on the tin, can vouch this is a good'n.

Due to my tan, daughter perks with sharing makeup, I spent a total of £11.66. on today's base.

I hope we can still be pals even after seeing the real me.
Luckily, the end result ^, is definitely an improvement - thank the Lord for makeup aye?
> First Impression Eyes, Lips, Face, and conclusion post, all on the way
> Originally put 'oops moments happen'. Thankfully, mum reminded me where that inspiration came from. #awk
 > Included all amazon links to accommodate all readers.
Also a great place for discontinued makeup
> Excuse the faces, I'm looking at various mirrors
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