Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Snippets & Snapshots | September 2014

With Mum's op being at the beginning of the month, meaning she is unwell and can't drive for the forseable, I bring you mainly the antics of our hibernating at home. The scaled down version.

 FINALLY, one not taken! Should I include insta photos in my monthly montage?

 Is he getting taller or am I getting shorter? / Playing around with gimp / What slouchy sunday really looks like

Sunday, 28 September 2014

Take Note | Can't Find Your Perfect Camel Coat?

I've written this post pronto as I want to stear you in 2 directions
USC 50% off sale, and Lurch Hound Loves pick of the pack 

For anyone searching for the perfect winter coat this year, the camel trend must have crossed your mind - what with the likes of KimK and such. Maybe the, what I can only describe as 'dressing gown' style, isn't your cup of tea? Or that mustardy side of camel just does not go with your skin tone. Well, then I have a proposition for you

Clean shape, lapels for interest - but with no extra buckles/belts/buttons than needed. This Rock and Rags number is the perfect hybrid between beige, and camel, without being too light or too sludge. A long coat, but not too long - thin enough to bulk with layers, or throw over a dress any chilly evening. It is also MACHINE WASHABLE, which is hard to find my friends, and saves £8 every time it needs a spin - which really is saving, aswell as putting my domestic goddess genes into action. For someone with sensitive skin, majority wool is a no no, again hard to find - but this having 15% is managable. Along with an unassuming lining, again uncharacteristic of an affordable coat, gives it a 'it's so chic yet simple'. Can it really be THAT cheap? So yes, the price, £60 down to £30 in their current mid season sale (hence inpromptu post today), just needed to be shared from my AmBlog rooftops. I can't realiably review the quality(yet), or share with you the fit, but when coats end up being such a dent in anyones bank account, when you find a sleek/stunning, bargainess, coat that you think others will LOVE? Why not share it; isn't that what a Blog is for?

I say this all with eyes through the website, but that didn't stop me from purchasing it straight away!
Although I love a good wear your coat as a cape pose, I did struggle to find this mid model, so I did have to take a punt at size 10. I'll be sure to let you know how it works out.

Coats are my first loves, being in the UK that works well for me, fingers crossed my coat dreams come true. Preferably before thursday USC?

Take Note | AmBlog takes on Instagram

I've noticed recently the effect social media has on blogs. As someone who can't catch up on posts in time each day, Instagram brings an easy morning browse and way of keeping up with my favourite bloggers.
Twitter is not for me. & as someone who has neglected her insta, I thought the blog would be a promising outlet/intensive to extend my AmBlog wings.
Part of the all important blog upgrade.

I bring you
(isn't it annoying when someone has your desired domain name and isn't even using it?!)
>  @ambloguk
AmBlog 2.0 if you will - whoever remembers that phrase 10000000+ AmBlogee points

You know the drill
You're all invited, but attendance ain't necessary/mandatory.

Here's to getting square eyes

Friday, 26 September 2014

Life | 'Yorkie'

Not just a choccie girls CAN eat, #heforshe, or a yappy little terrier, Yorkie is an area far. far. away. Atleast from me. Shrek Quotes and food aside, it was also the beautiful setting for my Godson's christening. Although his mum would say otherwise, there was more to that trip than schmoozing with nuns, eating my body weight in fondue and wetting the babies head (with holy water ofc) - I'd just forgotten about it!
So here is the long awaited photo diary of our trip to York; last month, times by 4. 

2nd-5th May 2014

Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Beauty | First Impression Thoughts

Well that was something different.
Using new makeup for the first time, and actually considering what I thought of it straight away, beyond I like it/I don't. Managing to take photos of that without my elbow/other obscuring my view.
& how down right embarrassing/stupid, are the faces I pull when applying makeup?! I resemble the inspo for Emojis.
Encore? Well for that, you'll just have to wait till that heavenly box of beauty goodies comes calling again.

For now, the First, First Impression Trilogy ~
First Impression BASE
& resulting  FOTD
Arguably not an everyday look, but I think I managed to steer clear of drag queen.

Now we've got the first impressions out the way, it's time to find out what lies beyond - here I share the secrets.

Monday, 22 September 2014

Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Thoughts | United Kingdom?

Things'll be getting a little political around these parts today.
Like many English people, the looming Scottish Independence vote, is weighing on my mind.
For anyone not in the know, this involves the referendum to split the United Kingdom, and have an independent nation of Scotland. I realise it's a little heavy for a 'we're half way through the week' Wednesday. But, It was 2 for tuesday last night? & Pizza with pals had priority.

Sunday, 14 September 2014

Friday, 12 September 2014

Beauty | First Impression BASE

Being a thrifty shopper, with a beginners beauty collection stocked, I'm more often tempted by bargains rather than the 'new' / 'hyped' bits. Granted, staples in my beauty routine, and the odd 'ooo int that pretty' moments happen, but I more often go to Superdrug/Boots for inspiration and their clearance sections, than to splurge.
I also don't want everything open at once, so, I ration it? Which results in a heavenly box of goodies to pick at every now and then when I get the 'new' makeup itch.
I was obviously feeling wild/very 'itchy' when I returned from Poole take 1; hadn't worn much makeup the week before + holiday blues, which resulted in a whole face of first impressions to share.

Today's agenda, Base Products.
Bare face, internet; internet, meet bare face.

Monday, 8 September 2014

Thrift Finds | July 2014

Summer Sales! by 3 trips.

Well isn't this a massive fail! One of the few times I actually buy things from the highstreet, I cock up and the post ends up 2 months late! We must say sorry for blog slacking, *insert grovelling here*, just not for shopping.
Welcome to my long awaited sales scoop, and many a cringe at my awkward posing - you could need a cuppa.

Beauty Bits, built up quite a stash.

> I'm sure many of you will recognise the Eyeko skinny liner at the back there, and yes I was the one wading through to find the black colour. Glamour mag, thank you for bringing highend beauty, for £2, to the masses.

Friday, 5 September 2014

Life | 'Wizzles'

Thursday 4th September 2014
Wander around Wisley

Mum's pet name for her favourite RHS Gardens; and consequently part of my birthday contribution.
Brush past the fact I'm near on 3 months behind, with the excuses such as 'let's spread the bday cheer' and 'A-Levels before excitement', and you have yourself a grand day out.
Walking talking cliches clad in our floral.

Wallace and Gromit references aside, luckily this trip coincided with the yearly flower show, and sculpture trail - hence me uploading this post pronto.
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