Monday, 11 August 2014

Thrift Finds | 'Birthday Brother'

I am painfully aware that my July 'Thrift Finds' is nowhere to be seen, bad Amber, but trust me it'll be worth the wait. In the mean time, in honour of my baby brother's birthday today, and the epic charity shop gold mine I stumbled across, I bring you a 'haul'. & for once, I bought nothing for me.

ft. Abercrombie, Superdry, Hollister and Ralph Lauren
Like many boys, hes not a fan of shopping, and about once a year he's dragged around and mum swaps it for Mcdonalds and one epic blow out. In the mean time, bits and bobs here and there keep him in clothes - I do love looking for other people too! I wouldn't say he had a particular style, preference is jeans and hoody (eerie like mine), but Pete does love a good branded T-shirt. Now by no means is that all he wears, Primark/H&M/TKMaxx to name a few, but if he was after a treat/present; that would be the fail safe. Like the rest of his family, he doesn't hold his nose up to charity shops, and my have we saved a bunch of money that way.

This spans upon 2 separate thrift trips (touring various Chrity Shops), with a combined price of under £30, which would probably only stretch you to 1 in shop. SAVINGS CELEBRATION.
Branded t-shirts are definitely bargains of the charity shops - same quality but at a drop price. These goodies all range from £2-£8, for the shirt still avec tag - may that be some inspiration to go jumble sale snooping (cheapest), or think twice when you spy a similair one in the highstreet shops.

Brother aproved to prove my thrifting tee point (this time last year) / AWWW - The earliest photo I could find of us 2, My is his head huge.

I must score major sister points here,
but how many birthdays and Christmas' you reckon I can drag this out for?

> Today's fact - 15 years since the eclipse. That's right, I remember astrology. Oh and happy 15th Pete.
> 'Thrift Tips' Post in Motion - I'm excited.
> For anyone that turns up there nose to me gifting charity shop finds - to each there own.
> No I am not trying to brag, I'm sharing my thrift joy!


  1. I can't believe that eclipse was 15 years ago, I remember watching it with them special glasses you could buy to look at the sun! Great post :) xx

    1. That makes us old! I think I was a little pre-occupied with the new bubba in the family, but it is a lovely anecdote for the day
      Thankyou :)
      I continue to love your blog, good luck with lipstick week!

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