Sunday, 31 August 2014

Snippets & Snapshots | August 2014

The summer holidays steam rollered past, and we all found out our fate from the months of blood sweat and tears that are exams. Many photos will feature in future 'Life' posts, but for some of the rest, there is my monthly montage.

 Charity shop snooping / town wandering

 Will miss my favourite feet / Commonwealth games, GYMNASTICS RULES / 50 followers reaction. thanks doll.

Dip, Snooze and So cute, all at the same time / When this is the only way it will charge, it's time for a repair.

 ' / ' / I'm 20 and I like blue slushies

 My Clique 

 Food, glorious food.
 the healthy, the not so healthy, the very unhealthy

 When you can't make your pals shindig

 Is he? / On me? / Good idea dad!

My achy breaky beauty blogger heart / Doing mum's makeup for a wedding


 ' / got it from ma mumma / English holiday issues

 So the motorway closed. ^ Try at travelling - take 2.

 Shameless Selfies
 1st World Problems / makeup en pointe / drowning in double bed goodness

 Competitive Smith Spirit

I'll leave you with this 1st family photo in a few years
& yes I am wearing shorts.


  1. Aren't you pleased you have so many beautiful snaps of me?
    Loving the blog

    1. The alternative doesn't bare thinking about
      Thanks peach, keep a snapchatting :)


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