Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Outfit | 'Think Happy Thoughts'

This week's blog revival has been down to nerve control -
although no Uni place is resting on tomorrow, I feel the familiar flutter about results.
Since I am a social media noob, and haven't entwined it within my blog, I went for an Outfit Post to get my good luck wishes accross.

Mum found me this top a while back, with the intention of me wearing it to my geography exam that we had both invested so much time in - fingers crossed for pay off. Since I put it to the back of my wardrobe, bit like my exam to the back of my mind, I thought now was as good a time as any to air it. £18!(which I would never pay), down to £2.99 - It's a simple slogan viscose tee, of not the most flattering shape, from the M&S 'Limited' collection.

The jeans have been lovingly nicknamed 'beyond repair'. I got a little snip happy with my first foray into DIY, circa 2009, but I'm pretty chuffed they still fit! Although they're a little-hella-lotta tighter than before. A bit beyond the 'distressed' trend, I save these mainly for gardening/housework/painting, although I feel they reflected my mood well.

 Ofcourse it started to rain mid photo sesh.

This jacket was a bad buy from eBay, we all make them. I was expecting leather, and faux it is. Was after a more dove grey, but this is a kind of murky hue - plus, the zip, is odd?
Anyways I am undecided what to do with it as eBay is not a place for returns. Ahh well, you win some you loose some.

These sandals are a sneak peak of my July 'Thrift Finds'. Floating around many a blog, 'sliders'? seemed like as good a place as any to replace my tattered old sandals. These were seriously cheap, at £5 from Primark, and it does tell in the wear and fit. They do not match the comfort of my old pair, but since I now have my Haviannas for that, I reserve these for 'looking pretty' shoes. I just love the monotone snakeskin - who knew that would ever be something I would say? The buckle 'birkenstock' style just aren't for me.

Tee - M&S
Jeans - New Look
Jacket - Topshop, via eBay
Sandals - Primark
 I dusted off my cat flick skillz, as it helps waste away some worrying time - didn't need a cotton bug, score! It's the little things.
I also did a deep condition a few nights back, hence long silky flat tresses.
& as for the photo smiles? It's all a rouse.

All my luck to those students waiting on results. There is nothing you can do now, but refresh UCAS/toss and turn all night. Best wishes, that you do yourself proud and get where you want to be.

Join me as I wear my heart hopes on my sleeve, and try to think happy thoughts all. night. long.

> To any GCSE readers, ditto for next week.


  1. Looove those sandals and that jacket - shame it was a disappointing eBay purchase, but it does suit you no matter how odd it is!
    Great outfit and hope your results went well!

    Efflorescent Dream

    1. & a fiver?? you can't win them all, ahh thanks! :)


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