Monday, 25 August 2014

Nails | 'If I could only wear one Nail Polish'

Where VDM has Nails inc 'Porchester Sqaure', I have the equally beautiful, though majorly cheaper
Sinful Colors (dileratly mispelt brits) 'Mauve'.

I struggle to describe this tone in one colour. Dove grey ( which I am LOVE-ing), mixed with lavender - this neutral polish has just enough colour to not drown out my skin tone. It goes with any piece of clothing, any face of makeup, and just sells itself to making me look - nicer! A perfect mani for an occasion, Casual or formal, whilst still looking polished. I am a bit of a manicure floozy on my hands, but this one is always my go too. 

 I've been so impressed with this particular formula, smooth opaque colour after 2 layers. Your hands are usuable within twenty minutes - which is actually alot shorter than most, which often reach the dry to touch, but still malleable stage. Not overtly glossy, which I prefer, but if not you can always use a shine inducing top-coat.. Which I'm often to slack to do, but these last a good 'fidgety hand' week, with only tip wear.

I bought mine (and a backup) for £1 a pop at Poundland, which goes without saying but I said it anyway. I've also seen the line in larger Boots/Superdrug. Americans', alas, you will have too Goooogle it.

Overall, both this shade and particular polish line are well and truly wiggling into my life, and my hands couldn't be happier.

If you could only wear one Nail Polish for ever, what would it be?

> Kudos to Dortie for managing to grow one sweetpea in a season of shoddy sweetpeas, which miraculously matched perfectly, for my fancy handy shots.
> I forgot to say yesturday, thanks for 50 followers. That's like, double the amount people who have travelled to the moon. Fact of the and happy moment of the day.

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