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Sunday 4th May 2014
The Christening of Joseph Rupert Cornford

Fellow godmother Jacquline, Joseph and Me

This has been kept relatively quiet here on AmBlog, but 3 months ago I became a godmother, and it's the most grownup I've ever felt. Here's an insight into my godson's christening day.
Warning - This post is long and photo heavy, be prepared to coo.

The service was particularly special as it was held in a convent, that Suzi (Joseph's mum) has special ties to (used to live on the same land as/went to school at/sorry I can't remember the details); the building has since been rebuilt. Suzi grew up with the nuns, was also baptised there, and it makes for a lovely tradition - even if it did involve us trekking up most of the country, it was thoroughly worth it. 

Jaq, Joseph, Da and Ma - A personal favourite
If only I wasn't blinking!
 Wardrobe issues
The Girls
Beautiful lady and baby
 Just a nun in the background there
Despite not being a catholic, I didn't get lost within the prompt service; although my symbolic forehead cross probably resembled more of a squiggle, I think god got the jist. I do want to give kudus to Jacqueline's partner for caring for screaming toddler - background noise made it imperfectly perfect.

 Godmothers / Sisters doing it for themselves
 A priest and a proud pa / Let's play pass the baby
Ru Su Jo Ro & Abbess

Joseph was the first Christening to be held in the new building, for which all 21 nuns were given honourary Godmother credit; upon a hillstop, looking over the Yorkshire Dales. Idilic. It was a small, intimate, but incredibly special. As christenings go, this really was a one off.

 The view over the Yorkshire Dales from the Chapel
The Hall / I spy a mouse

We then vacated to the dining haul, which house there very own original Robert Thompson (famous for his mouse signature) dining set, that was brought with them from the abbey. Drinks and nibbles in the informal setting left me a little stunned. To see family/friends and nuns, drinking and laughing alike - I think I heard one discuss the football? Surreal; my misconceptions re convents have been firmly put in their place.

 Joseph's Grandparents / My Aunty DD and Uncle Jeremy
Ro & Granny moments

Despite only meeting this nun for the first time that day, she went out of her way me make me feel welcome. Loved, without saying much! I'm not an overly religious person, but I felt so moved by her overwhelming kindness; I think she could sense I was struggling in myself. People like that are few and far between; it's fair to say she left an impression, and not just on me it seems.

Momentary mush over, look at that face?!

We then went back to Suzi's Parents house (Granny & Grandad set no.2) for a lunch spread, chats, tea and cake. Joseph switched to his second outfit of the day, and a fine sailor he makes to.

Speech / Cutting the Cake
 Speech Smiles / Rose's found prime spot - mmmm fondue memories

Sleepy hugs after a long day

Sorry this has taken so long to blog around; I wanted to spend the extra time, and get it right. This week will definitely have a christening theme

With Smith thanks to both sets of Cornfords in general, and for entrusting me with this; Elaine and Alan for your kindness and hospitality, we had a memorable weekend.
It is an absolute honour to call myself Godmother.

Here's to the responsibility of seeing Joseph through the years - I'm aiming for cool aunt Pheobie status.

> Gotta give thanks to my cousin and his top notch camera skillz for the professional looking photos - when you pair them side by side, you really can tell then difference that a fancyschmancy camera can have. I love how he has managed to capture the moments, but with perfect frame selection - aka dad laughing in the background, off centre angles. I can learn a lot. I take next to no photo cred for this post, too caught up in the festivities.
> For the first time I manually altered the photo sizes so I could get them as large as possible without scaling the boarders. AH, that is where the maths comes in handy, let's hope my proportions are on par. I didn't hold back on the photo, no whittling down, but a few photos will spill into future posts as there simply isn't the room here.
> With my exams and such, collecting everyone's photos and writing down all my thoughts was pushed to the back of my mind - I've only just started work on his christening gift, which is a terrible start to my duties. Bad Amber. But I hope it was worth the wait. Maybe mum can give me some tips for looking over the Cornford men ( mum is Rupert/Joseph's dad 's godmother too )
I will shrivel in shame if I got any names wrong. ahh (yn). (Brownie points if you remember (yn) from MSN days)


  1. You are a gorgeous godmother, lucky lil man Joe xxxx

    1. Lucky little me
      Bags of Love to you all xxxxx


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