Thursday, 7 August 2014

Face & Outfit | 'Fairy Godmother'

If you didn't already know, I am now a godmother to my cousins baby boy! I will first steer you in the life post direction, as it is a guaranteed smiler. & it took a hella long time to concoct, so I want to spread the word!
My blog, my shameless plugs.

Sunday 4th May 2014
As if there weren't enough of my holding the baby? I am but a comfy chair.
Now to what I wore


Slight leaning tower of peasa vibe

I'm afraid insecurities, and not being used to the northern climate, meant my staring dress stayed hidden.
I still love this thing. First off, the colour - peachy orange that does wonders for my complexion. 2, the sleeves are a plus as I often feel arm envy - though they are oddly long and I do have to roll them up. 3, the material. Crepe means it isn't too hot; stretchy, without being restrictive. 4, the wrap style smoothing over lumps and bumps; elasticated waist for shape, and slight overlap at the front hem is ever so flattering on the thighs. 5, I also have it in black, and can concur it is the perfect LBD. Rach says I have an odd obsession with buying doubles of things I love - possible future blogpost? Though it will be a while, I have an occasion in mind/any possible long sleeved dress reason, to show this dress off to full potential.

The type of occasion lead me to safety pin the dresses neckline, which was unfortunately obvious, but I don't think bubba Joe minded. My trench is one pulled out at many a fancy occasion, though is a nightmare to keep primistine - damn you cream colour. My coat purely for weather protection - despite the gorgeous backdrop, it's still England.

I dusted off my Amber cross, originally given to me for my christening, and threaded it onto my trusty Gold two tear chain. Fun fact, I was christened Joanna, so my Grandpa must have seen into the future, the future being Amber. Having 2 names is a nightmare, but that's a whole other story. 

Dress - Topshop, via eBay
Trench - Redherring, Debenhams
Coat - Charity Shop
Shoes - Newlook
Necklace - Gift from Grandpa
'Amber' Bracelet - Gift from Bubba Rose ( with a little help from Suzi )
Hand chain - Gift, Internacionale
Nails - Rimmel's finest tip whitener and top coat

^ So blogger turned these 2 around - anyone else have this problem?

Eyelure No.20 first wear worked well - though the band looks obvious in my close ups, I fooled many a family member. As they are a finer flutter, they unfortunately only managed 2 future wears.

I went for flats as I knew/hoped that sometime I would be left holding the baby, and I didn't want to risk a tumble. These laser cut swede flats from newlook give the llusion of seeing my feet through them, without dreaded boney tone cleavage. The gold underlay is so subtle, but co-ordinated pefectly with my other gold accents. Such as my eyes.


So I kept with the reliable makeup; I didn't want to go full on, and possibly cringe at the photos in the future, or heavy as it would be a long day. Bare minerals foundation and MAC pro longwear concealer face, luckily it matched! Taupe blush as bronzer - borrowed mum's No.7 blush, as my option had been left in a makeup drawer at home. Peachy Revlon lipgloss, for a low maintenance shiny pinch of colour - + I do love a good colour co-ordination. 

Base - 'Vanilla Vroom' cream eyeshadow (Origins)
Crease and outer half - BLISS
Lower lash line - BUBBLY
Inner corner and browbone - BARE
Lashes - Eyelure No.20

Pretty happy with this 'look' featuring in future memories.
A day of classy clothing, which I hope I managed to pull off - with dads ceremonial fancy-family-gathering 'parrot tie' out in full force, the Smith's looked quite the trio.

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