Sunday, 24 August 2014

Face | 'Cherry Pop'

Inspired by lipstick week over on 'Mysterious Neon lights', I decided to get my own lippy on, and make use of my dusty powt-product drawer. As I've said before, it's where the least of my makeup love goes, as I can't get my head around lip etiquette, and often end up smudged/wiped off/on teeth/a hot mess.

 Sods law that it's a little late for the summer trend, but I've fallen in love the bright lip again
- My favourite of which, 'No.8', 'Cherry Pop'.

Apart from being the unfortunate first 'frape'-page-like name, along with the diamonds that are 'itchy balls' and 'how long's your schlong', we have an Orange based Red Lipstick. It comes along with the usual charms of that sort of hue, teeth yellower and deceivingly bright tone. But, it's also beautiful? Ever so easy to apply, opaque colour, creamy/slick for the first hour or so, then it reaches the smooth yet not smudgy medium - solving any lip product based hangups I had before. Yeap, formula is the attribute that wins me over.
I erred on the safeside with this lipliner from 'No.7', as it's so easy to overdraw with a colour like red, but (on my lips anyway) it has no benefit with longevity. 5 or so hours looking good? Blot, then re-apply, and you've got yourself an all nighter. Within red lip limits, this is not a miracle worker, just a damn good lipstick.
I've also got my eye on many other colours from the range, though the packaging seems to have changed colour? Step in the right direction I think. Since it's Collection, it won't break your purse, let alone the bank - at £2.99 a pop. Pardon the pun.

 Without/with Flash

Though many say otherwise, I prefer light or mineral makeup to compliment a statement lip - find it brightens rather than harderns your face. I ended up using a DIY tinted moisturiser of Rimmel 'Lasting Finish' and my simple daily moisturiser. The foundation sets to a matte finish; the moisturiser simply thins down the feel and coverage.

A light shimmery eye never fails - the combination of lightly pressing Stila 'Kitten' and blending Stila 'Bliss' create the perfect highlight and contour to your eye. Stila 'Gilded Gold' from that same 'In the Light' palette is deceivingly warmer than it looks in the pan, which subtly compliments the cherry pout, and appears matte on my lower lashline. This face combination will suit any skin/eye/hair colour - to palest of the pale, blue/green/brown/multi eyes, or the wackiest of hair dye do's, you're covered. In orange toned goodness.

I've been embracing highlighter, specifically these long steered clear of face forms from the NYX 'Butt Naked' palette. They are seriously shimmery, often SPARKLY, but with a super soft brush and light hand, I can achieve some 'some what believable' glow. For reference, I lean towards the peachy shade; the beige could also be used in place of kitten?

My beloved NYC 'Sunny', which I miraculously managed to buy in the UK, smashed, along with some of my bronzer heart - but I was pleasantly surprised with the palettes offering. Rich yet not too strong pigment; leaning on the some what neutral yet still-caught-the-sun tone - I apply ON my cheeks and forehead. I did however use a sheer blush, cause there was no shortage of colour on my face.
I'm sure I'll do a review sometime in the future on this palette. But it's good. Solid, reliable, GREAT FOR BEGINNERS.

Also worth mentioning NYX Taupe as subtle contour, with a fluffy eye brush, to compensate for the lack of shape I get from skin with soft makeup.

Tools to make-me-up

Side note, who knew ponytails could be so sweet? If only I could send that too my stark, slicked back, 10 year old self.


  1. Ok I think I have fallen in love with this look! Its so gorgeous especially the red lipstick and eye shadow (makes me want to pull out my stila in the light palette!) xx

    1. Girl you flatter me!
      Thank god for makeup right? Dooooo it.

  2. Love red! And pony looks great xxxx

    1. Love you! When you can't get a real pony, make do with dressing up as one - good advice for Rose?xxxx


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