Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Current Loves | 'Summer Solstice'

Heatwave inspired 'Current Loves'

Bare Minerals 'Warmth'. This was the only aspect of the 'Bare Minerals Get Started Kit' that didn't wow me first off at the tender age of 17. Maybe my fair skin, and below par makeup skills, put me off; maybe just the worry that sometimes I resembled a tomato, when other days it was barely visable?
Finely milled loose Bronzer issues aside, I love this for when my skin turns it's summer shade. An all over the high points and faux tan face powder, this really does blend in to a 'did you catch the sun?' question, with astounding little product. Essie button hit the nail on the head - mineral makeup is magic. One minute you question whether it's doing anything, the next your skin is filtered with the smallest of dustings. Yes, it is a faff, and bad for travel - but even mineral makeup avoidies will lap up the natural red tone of this Bronzer, and marvel at it's Mary Poppins carpet bag esc quantities.
Watch out for more in-depth info and photos on this product in an upcoming first impressions series. & yes, I did photograph that ages ago and forgot I had.

Burts Bees Blackcurrant lip balm . With all these delicious seasonal fruits around, meaning the 'chocolate or fruits' for snack question is a genuinely tough decision, the emergence of this balm from the realms of my draw was welcome.
The scent ('Acai Berry'/makes-me-think-blackcurrant) takes me back to cream teas in Dorset, and reminds me that scones can be made at home to; slash bought, who am I kidding. Coupled with a dreamy balm texture made from all natural ingredients, no tint for reference, means I may actually finish a chapstick in my lifetime.

Haviannas. Thankgoodness mum found these far back in the present stash before we went away. I wear slippers by winter, and flipflops by summer, and these things are incredible. Comfortable from the first wear, my foot has scarcely made an imprint, despite having worn them morning noon and night; either I'm as light as feather, or this foamy material is something special - you decide.
The brazillian (ooh saucy) were actually cheaper (although I got mine for my birthday), so if you are in the market for a good quality pair of flip flops, give these a lookie. & if you are a mono-phobe, do not fret, plenty of colour combos to choose from.

Maybe not quite enough to get me through summer all by themselves, but I wouldn't be without them
For reference
Face - Rimmel stay matte powder 'Sandstorm 04', Miss Sporty 'So Clear' Concealer '2', MAC prolongwear 'NW15', Bare Minerals 'Warmth'
Eyes - Stila 'In the Light' palette, Maxfactor 'Clump defy'/'Cover girl 'Clump Crusher'
Brows - Rimmel eyebrow pencil 'black brown '004'
Lips - only Burts Bees Balm
Nails - All about Nails (Tesco) 'Orange Fizz' - 2 weeks no chips!

> I will forever remember Flubber, RIP Robin Williams.

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