Saturday, 30 August 2014

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Let me take you back to the almost Mediterranean temperatures of July. Poole resembled that of the South of France, when swimming in the sea was seen as a cooling down necessity. Plan B was called into action, so it turned out to be - me, my bestest pal, my mum, my aunt, and a couple of there friends for a bargain price break. Safe to say shopping wasn't the top of my list, but squeezed between bundles of beach, we managed a few finds.

2 charity shop, 2 tkmaXX, all thrift finds.
L-R - Zara Sandals, TKMAXX BIKINI, faux 'Guess' wallet, HIND shorts.

They had a TKMAXX superstore just up the road, in our defense it was a long road, from where we were staying - so immediately it was on the to do list. I went straight for the 'Clearance', wouldn't you?

I had only bought one 'swimmable bikini' (opposed to 'sunbathing bikini, ygm?) away with me, in the shape of a bra posing as a bikini and fancy bottoms, so I was stoked to find this cobalt blue beauty. No frills, this simple halter and brief shape are both flattering and comfortable. The cups are underwired and lined, but not padded, so it sits well without the dreaded Rachel from Friends perky pebbles. The ties mean it is adjustable, and the material sturdy. This is unbranded, and down to £7 for the set, which I just thought was insane. It's labelled as Large, and either my bum grew a hell of a lot, or their level is large is off - I would call it a 12, and it fits perfectly.
Can you tell why these shorts spoke to me? I wanted some 'sports' shorts, to cope in the heat with walking the dog, and walking the brother (aka playing cricket). The colour just stood out, and I wish I'd got the blue version now I know how much I love and use them. From the brand 'Hind', size M, £5.99. For reference - they had built in pants, like guys swimming shorts, which suprisingly, just weren't doing it for me? Luckily, very easy to snip out. I do also wish they had a slight side split (like with running shorts) so they don't constantly ride up.
I also weeded out a elizabeth arden shimmer champayne eyeshadow, down to £6, but I said no I didn't need it. Pat on the restrained back.

Now to the charity shop snags.
We went to Wimbourne one morning, which houses a cathedral, and seems to be made up of by a maze of charity shops. I could have spent hours perusing, heaven. But time and money restraints lead me to 2 purchases.

These Zara sandals, circa 2012 spring summer collection caught my eye. I recently threw out my quality brown leather pair because of wear, and these seemed a sensible alternative. Dual tone, the nude elongates, whilst the black brings back the shape. £6? Not bad, but not cheap. Are studs out? I have to confess I haven't worn these yet, but I shall report back within these following 'not sure if it's hot, not sure if it's cold' weeks.
My coin purse was driving me mad, and this was £3. I doubt it's actual 'Guess', but it is a perfect 'medium' sized wallet with space for everything I need day to day. No impulse buyers regret.

With special thanks to Rachel for her guest haul appearance
She found the Kimono she had been wanting but never knew what she was looking for, and a great alternative to the Micheal Kors phenomenon in the shape of a silver and gold hardware watch from 'Jules & James'. Both TKMAXX. Still saddened she turned down a gorge hounds tooth shift dress.

In other news.
> We arrived back today, from our family holiday - we weren't just there for a month, #ifonly. Pretty cold, but Poole take 2 was loverly.
This week is an exciting one. 
> My room is scheduled a revamp, and to the land of flat packs we shall go in search of storage wonders.
> My Mum is finally scheduled her foot operation (I tend not to ask too many questions when the shortened description mentions 'bone shaving') which will sadly leave her driving-less for a while, but pleased to be finally having it done.
> This however, does leave bags of over time for my blog!
I have many plans, but I shan't share any snippets just in case I can't manage to pull it off. I must have like, 30 posts planned just waiting to be sorted - talk about backup. Sadly, I think a few are a bit out of season now, but come next year, when (hopefully) there will be more of you, a stonking great packing post will be coming your way.
> I have a bunch of hauls, life and beauty posts in particular - the top 3 topics that fill me with that warm fuzzy feeling. Which brought me to today's post. (I know try on hauls are most popular, including with me, so watch this space for back to that in upcoming july and august thrift finds)
> To anyone saying Summer is over, NO, the best weather was today! & my wolly (hah, woolly) socks won't be venturing out just yet.
> Wellies maybe, as I may join my pals for the day on their camping trip this weekend.
> Despite that, I hope everyone has had an amazing break/enjoyed the summer feeling when you can. I feel full of vigor and positivity for the coming months, which is excitingly new!

& WOW. 50 AmBlogees, I am blessed and honoured to have you with me :)

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