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Book, Film, TV | 'The Notebook' and others, by Nicolas Sparks

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Bar blogs and the news, I wouldn't call myself a reader. I associate books with work and there are many of things I would rather be doing. Nicolas Sparks novels are exception to that rule, and despite reading a fair few, I have yet to find one I haven't enjoyed.

'The Notebook' is a real holiday read for me - whether that be summer abroad, or Christmas at home , no matter how many times I read it, I always come back to it again. Turns out to be 3 times in 8 days! Both battered by a little sand and sea, and worn from continuous page turning, I think that alone speaks volumes of my opinion on it.

I Consider it the creme of the Nicolas Sparks crop, and I think I would struggle to find someone who hadn't heard of either the book nor the film. Without giving too much away, it follows a similar plot structure/line to most Nicolas Sparks Novels I have read. That of idealistic romance, with some reality thrown in, trials and tribulations often with a touch of sorrow. In this case, following the love of 2 teenagers and how the future shaped their relationship. Being a bit vague aren't I? Just don't want to spoil it!

My favs

Without trying to sound cliche, and failing miserably, I find it very easy to read. At '189' pages it isn't long; I find I can finish it pretty quick when lazing around the pool, despite not being the best book audience. Easily sailing from page 1-189 in less than the time on the plane from Lanzarote to London(3hr50).

Also on holiday, I re-read 'Dear John' (I rank it 5*) and read for the first time through 'The Last Song'. The later of the two I have attempted before, but it is a little slower on the uptake than the others, chopping between the past and present just like 'The Notebook'. I found that, probably due to the change in circumstance, I sailed through it on holiday. Not sure whether I'll risk the film though as it stars Miley Cyrus - I'm not a hater, but not a lover.

Thankgoodness my photography skills have evolved

I would describe the theme of books/recipe if you will, as 'A Disney fairy-tale with added reality'
My mum actually recommended them to me, so I would suggest to any readers (or even non readers) from teenage to middle age. With some sections of sex or violence, with limited detail and without the gor, you might though want to decide yourself who it was suitable for. I can't hide the fact that it is more suited to females, but I think plenty of men secretly enjoy being 'forced' to watch the films; so why wouldn't they enjoy the book? Even if they don't admit it. Depending on the size, price and time it takes you to read, completion will vary. As a general rule, I would say 2 weeks of atleast an hour each day would get you through; but if you're like me, you will find it hard to put down! Searching on the internet, I have found no paperback exceed £10, hard backs inevitably more, and more recent releases are higher up the price range. There is always the library, where I have found many a copy, probably because these books are such popular, easy reads. There is also no harm in checking a charity shop/car boots. Even so, I prefer to buy, as these are books I happily read again and again.

I make sure to read the book before I watch the film, as often it can alter your opinion of the story-line when done the opposite way round.

I pledge my allegiance to Amber?
In terms of the films, 'The notebook' is a cult classic, starring the ever so gorgeous Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams (stars in many of the sparks based films); although I liked it, I didn't tear up! 'The Time Travellers Wife' on the other hand, has me balling, and that is coming from someone who struggled to well up when Bambi's mum died.

On a side note, all films I have watched, I too enjoyed; they capture the moral/essence of the book, without representing it to a tee. My favourite film adaptation so far, has been 'Dear John'. The story-line is altered slightly, but I find the acting and quality both top notch. Channing Tatum (John) is a long time love of mine; I've been there since Step Up, be there till break up! That reminds me, I asked for it for my birthday and still have yet to watch that; Sunday night sorted.

Look at that, it even ended with Sunday - tidy.

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