Saturday, 2 August 2014

3 Things | The Balm on Tour, Smith Serenades and 2012 Nostalgia

I am completely out of my blog stride
So whilst I wade through many a missed blog post
and whittle down content for my own, I wanted to share the first installment of '3 things' worth a blog mention

Balm Crosses the Pond
'The Balm' is now sold on! Horrah, lusting over it on offer on Hauteloook then snarling at the delivery charges, was getting old. Unfortunately, they still hold a more premium pricetag, but it's defintely something I'll be hinting towards in future festivities. If only it wasn't about the money money money.

When people ask me what my favourite music genre is - SINGING / people who sing. Well. Beautifully. Make you feel something with their voice, and when the lyrics match it's magic. Sam Smith in this instance, has snuck up on me; Smith, must be magic. This new (it may be old, just new to me) tune 'I'm not the only one', is a particular winner. It is a little repetitive like 'Stay With me', but in a more I can't stop singing it over and over, than 'that's so annoying' way. Kudos on snagging Diane Argon for video lead.

2 Years Since London 2012
2 years ago I was soaking up some Olympic 2012 atmosphere and watching the 3m springboard syncro.
Yes, my flag would be more attuned to the common wealth games, and oh my doesn't my brother look tiny!
But this is an experience I will never forget, patriotic pride from that day is still running through my veins! Speaking of that, a gold a silver and a bronze from this evenings relays aint half bad!

It's no 'Vivanna does Makeup' standard, but a platform for the notes that just can't fit into anything else, fit so nicely into AmBlog this way

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