Sunday, 31 August 2014

Snippets & Snapshots | August 2014

The summer holidays steam rollered past, and we all found out our fate from the months of blood sweat and tears that are exams. Many photos will feature in future 'Life' posts, but for some of the rest, there is my monthly montage.

 Charity shop snooping / town wandering

 Will miss my favourite feet / Commonwealth games, GYMNASTICS RULES / 50 followers reaction. thanks doll.

Dip, Snooze and So cute, all at the same time / When this is the only way it will charge, it's time for a repair.

Saturday, 30 August 2014

Buys | 'Poole in Purchases'

Let me take you back to the almost Mediterranean temperatures of July. Poole resembled that of the South of France, when swimming in the sea was seen as a cooling down necessity. Plan B was called into action, so it turned out to be - me, my bestest pal, my mum, my aunt, and a couple of there friends for a bargain price break. Safe to say shopping wasn't the top of my list, but squeezed between bundles of beach, we managed a few finds.

2 charity shop, 2 tkmaXX, all thrift finds.

Monday, 25 August 2014

Nails | 'If I could only wear one Nail Polish'

Where VDM has Nails inc 'Porchester Sqaure', I have the equally beautiful, though majorly cheaper
Sinful Colors (dileratly mispelt brits) 'Mauve'.

I struggle to describe this tone in one colour. Dove grey ( which I am LOVE-ing), mixed with lavender - this neutral polish has just enough colour to not drown out my skin tone. It goes with any piece of clothing, any face of makeup, and just sells itself to making me look - nicer! A perfect mani for an occasion, Casual or formal, whilst still looking polished. I am a bit of a manicure floozy on my hands, but this one is always my go too. 

Sunday, 24 August 2014

Face | 'Cherry Pop'

Inspired by lipstick week over on 'Mysterious Neon lights', I decided to get my own lippy on, and make use of my dusty powt-product drawer. As I've said before, it's where the least of my makeup love goes, as I can't get my head around lip etiquette, and often end up smudged/wiped off/on teeth/a hot mess.

 Sods law that it's a little late for the summer trend, but I've fallen in love the bright lip again
- My favourite of which, 'No.8', 'Cherry Pop'.

Friday, 22 August 2014

Take Note | 'La Senza Steal'

The laptop is back, yay (sorry for the slack), but I've got limited time to blog so here goes a quickie.

TMI heads ups
I debated whether this was AmBlog appropriate, but if it was a bikini, I wouldn't think twice? Which makes me wonder about society, but that's a little heavy for a Friday.

La Senza, a well known underwear brand of many a highstreet, seems to be on the out. I've heard murmurs that Victoria Secret has taken over the franchise, but on a recent trip to their British website, sadly looks as though they've gone into administration. A damn shame.
Although their merchandise can look bright, blingy, and often tacky from a far - I have found some real gems over the years, and there is no denying there quality over there cheaper partners.

*There was a boyfriend waiting nearby, so I had to use a google photo instead of snap my own.

From my favourite orange bra (as if you don't have a favourite bra), to a still beloved bikini I got years back, I've got my moneys worth. But, they seem to be in the throws of a constant sale?
The front of the shop (atleast my local), continues to have new season stock, stretching you to £35 a pop, where at the back, the usual £10 strong hold has dropped to £5. Yes, I said that, £5. Per. Bra.

Tip - RUMMAGE; ALL drawers, and boxes. Like charity shops, discard the size signs, they all get jumbled

I could've easily spent lots and come away with years worth of boobie holders, but I restrained myself & picked 3. I personally like the shiny material, more comfort than pushup, and I managed to find some more subdued colours; the intricate backs will be fun to co-ordinate with, as interest with camis and plain tops.

My point is, whether you are in need of a new bra, or even just feeling a little spendy, you will get much more quality for your money in this storming sale at La Senza. Bottoms are also down to £4, if that's what you're after/want, but between bra and bottoms, the choice was a no brainer for me
You can't beat the feeling of brand spanking new underwear, & I canna believe the value. 

Heads up they tend to 'undersize', so here's to the confidence boost!
> You can always brush past this post, but it was thrifty so it qualified; that, & it being a factor of life for the majority of my readers, swayed my decision to post it.
The resulting vision of a few male friends/readers wearing bras, if nothing else, has made this post worthwhile. *chuckle*

Saturday, 16 August 2014

AmBlogstagram | 'A-Level Up'

So many of you out there are freshly Cap'n'gowned, Congrats! I am still doing my A-Levels; ****? My thoughts exactly! Butt. I have been chipping away when I can, and thursday I got the letter to say - yes, success, 1 down! A Big grownup A for Geograohy A-Level, & this victory tastes twice as sweet.

Don't expect a speech to rival the Oscars this time but it was a bloody battle - still raging, but seemed brighter today.

Big thanks to my Mum and Dad, without whom I simply would have given up on this. You bet this'll be featured on the Smith Christmas letter!

& damn straight I am gunna be proud! I feel like I have regained some pride, and a grasp on my future past this illness.
Yes, it's only an exam, but that is how I measure my progress when everything else is stagnant. Speaking of which, I'll probably go off and sleep now, cos that's how we celebrate with the M.E. 

Ciao for now Geography, it's been shit *peace sign*

> A few mentions & thanks to: the Marks sisters, Charlotte Goulder, Miss Jones & Mr Gibbons for going further to help me anyway they could.
> Definitely a bittersweet day (not regarding results), but as AuntyDD says 'today is not for thinking of what you didn't do, celebrate'; and I do what I'm told, so that'll be for another day. 
> Congratulations to everyone and anyone out there, and their results!
> Bit of an empowerd/yet/smotional/happy/sad/ritual post today. This is how I felt like playing it. Plus, my leg, what is that white line?
> Laptop has gone to the Doctors, expect a lull - Sorry! Ofc it's the time where I have loads of material.

Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Outfit | 'Think Happy Thoughts'

This week's blog revival has been down to nerve control -
although no Uni place is resting on tomorrow, I feel the familiar flutter about results.
Since I am a social media noob, and haven't entwined it within my blog, I went for an Outfit Post to get my good luck wishes accross.

Mum found me this top a while back, with the intention of me wearing it to my geography exam that we had both invested so much time in - fingers crossed for pay off. Since I put it to the back of my wardrobe, bit like my exam to the back of my mind, I thought now was as good a time as any to air it. £18!(which I would never pay), down to £2.99 - It's a simple slogan viscose tee, of not the most flattering shape, from the M&S 'Limited' collection.

Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Current Loves | 'Summer Solstice'

Heatwave inspired 'Current Loves'

Bare Minerals 'Warmth'. This was the only aspect of the 'Bare Minerals Get Started Kit' that didn't wow me first off at the tender age of 17. Maybe my fair skin, and below par makeup skills, put me off; maybe just the worry that sometimes I resembled a tomato, when other days it was barely visable?
Finely milled loose Bronzer issues aside, I love this for when my skin turns it's summer shade. An all over the high points and faux tan face powder, this really does blend in to a 'did you catch the sun?' question, with astounding little product. Essie button hit the nail on the head - mineral makeup is magic. One minute you question whether it's doing anything, the next your skin is filtered with the smallest of dustings. Yes, it is a faff, and bad for travel - but even mineral makeup avoidies will lap up the natural red tone of this Bronzer, and marvel at it's Mary Poppins carpet bag esc quantities.
Watch out for more in-depth info and photos on this product in an upcoming first impressions series. & yes, I did photograph that ages ago and forgot I had.

Monday, 11 August 2014

Thrift Finds | 'Birthday Brother'

I am painfully aware that my July 'Thrift Finds' is nowhere to be seen, bad Amber, but trust me it'll be worth the wait. In the mean time, in honour of my baby brother's birthday today, and the epic charity shop gold mine I stumbled across, I bring you a 'haul'. & for once, I bought nothing for me.

ft. Abercrombie, Superdry, Hollister and Ralph Lauren

Sunday, 10 August 2014

Book, Film, TV | 'The Notebook' and others, by Nicolas Sparks

A post I forgot to upload back in November
Thankgod for over eager Amber 2013 to compensate for the unorganized clone now

Bar blogs and the news, I wouldn't call myself a reader. I associate books with work and there are many of things I would rather be doing. Nicolas Sparks novels are exception to that rule, and despite reading a fair few, I have yet to find one I haven't enjoyed.

'The Notebook' is a real holiday read for me - whether that be summer abroad, or Christmas at home , no matter how many times I read it, I always come back to it again. Turns out to be 3 times in 8 days! Both battered by a little sand and sea, and worn from continuous page turning, I think that alone speaks volumes of my opinion on it.

I Consider it the creme of the Nicolas Sparks crop, and I think I would struggle to find someone who hadn't heard of either the book nor the film. Without giving too much away, it follows a similar plot structure/line to most Nicolas Sparks Novels I have read. That of idealistic romance, with some reality thrown in, trials and tribulations often with a touch of sorrow. In this case, following the love of 2 teenagers and how the future shaped their relationship. Being a bit vague aren't I? Just don't want to spoil it!

Thursday, 7 August 2014

Face & Outfit | 'Fairy Godmother'

If you didn't already know, I am now a godmother to my cousins baby boy! I will first steer you in the life post direction, as it is a guaranteed smiler. & it took a hella long time to concoct, so I want to spread the word!
My blog, my shameless plugs.

Sunday 4th May 2014
As if there weren't enough of my holding the baby? I am but a comfy chair.
Now to what I wore

Monday, 4 August 2014

Life | 'Fairy Godmother'

Sunday 4th May 2014
The Christening of Joseph Rupert Cornford

Fellow godmother Jacquline, Joseph and Me

This has been kept relatively quiet here on AmBlog, but 3 months ago I became a godmother, and it's the most grownup I've ever felt. Here's an insight into my godson's christening day.
Warning - This post is long and photo heavy, be prepared to coo.

Saturday, 2 August 2014

3 Things | The Balm on Tour, Smith Serenades and 2012 Nostalgia

I am completely out of my blog stride
So whilst I wade through many a missed blog post
and whittle down content for my own, I wanted to share the first installment of '3 things' worth a blog mention

Balm Crosses the Pond
'The Balm' is now sold on! Horrah, lusting over it on offer on Hauteloook then snarling at the delivery charges, was getting old. Unfortunately, they still hold a more premium pricetag, but it's defintely something I'll be hinting towards in future festivities. If only it wasn't about the money money money.

When people ask me what my favourite music genre is - SINGING / people who sing. Well. Beautifully. Make you feel something with their voice, and when the lyrics match it's magic. Sam Smith in this instance, has snuck up on me; Smith, must be magic. This new (it may be old, just new to me) tune 'I'm not the only one', is a particular winner. It is a little repetitive like 'Stay With me', but in a more I can't stop singing it over and over, than 'that's so annoying' way. Kudos on snagging Diane Argon for video lead.

2 Years Since London 2012
2 years ago I was soaking up some Olympic 2012 atmosphere and watching the 3m springboard syncro.
Yes, my flag would be more attuned to the common wealth games, and oh my doesn't my brother look tiny!
But this is an experience I will never forget, patriotic pride from that day is still running through my veins! Speaking of that, a gold a silver and a bronze from this evenings relays aint half bad!

It's no 'Vivanna does Makeup' standard, but a platform for the notes that just can't fit into anything else, fit so nicely into AmBlog this way

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