Thursday, 31 July 2014

Snippets & Snapshots | July 2014

Fair few exciting things happened this month; a week away, emergence of a heatwave and tan lines in England! Both friends and shopping, it's been a sweet start to summer.
Some moments worthy of their own post (watch this space), but for all the others, there is Snippets & Snapshots

Magic has been on holiday for 2 weeks and I have never missed a furry face more.

& they say birdpoo is lucky, how about just missing it? / ' / I feel that Jess

 ' / ' / '

' / ' / Discontinued makeup heaven

Football related sadness, too many explitives to share the 1st semi final snapchats. Lawrence I'll miss our snapcommentary, replay in 4 years? K I'll stop with the football talk now.

 Blog setup / baine of my life / Vintage New Look

Use by last millenium / mighty kebab / 1st cream tea of summer
FOOOOOOOOOOOOD, with more food to come

 Bluewater / finally found my leather converse babies

Game of thrones season 2 finale what nightmares are made of / Food Fair / What's beneath the tarpaulin?

 Bravo to those Boobs / Commonwealth games opening ceremony resembled a bad school play - but awwwwh the dogs!
Shameless selfies
 TAN / holiday blues ( I appreciate the irony of the 2 next to each other ) / 21

Apologies for the blog slack, and I really appreciate the ongoing AmBlog love!

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