Monday, 7 July 2014

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Final & Favourite installment of my  'Post Exam Buys'

Friday 27th June 2014
Oh Snap, the 90's are well and truly in, and I'm not sure how I feel about it
I must be one of the few that really hates the chocker thing - fat neck insecurities, and this whole mauve peach nude lip? That, and shimmer lipstick, are banished from this face/place/space.
'Birkenstocks' I can take, through fond family holiday memories. The idea of a loose fitting jean though, that still keeps the highwaist I so want, has me all interested.
But not for £40 quid thanks Topshop.

I knew it was only a matter of time before a pair sprung up in the charity shop. If the name wasn't enough of a clue, I think I would class these as a MOM jean. Fit is high-waisted, but with a loose leg that slightly tapers towards your ankle. These were in the men's section, yet size 14? sort it out. I think they're a 'vintage' 14, as they don't drown me; proof it's always worth trying something on despite sizing.
Inevitably, my thunder thighs call for a larger leg, but my waist is awkwardly not in proportion; so these are a belt job.
Pains me. I hate belts. Zip fastening rather than buttons, so it can look like I'm packing, which isn't ideal. Gosh isn't this a moany one!
Back into the positives, £2.99 I paid for these! You can't get jeans anywhere at the price, even most charity shops, seems I just got lucky.

^ As you can see, the wash is either striped, or has been worn away with storage, hence I intend on dying it; I also generally prefer a darker wash.
No, I will not be slashing them, as I prefer not to. The great denim jacket disaster of 2002 has taught so - If it ain't broke, don't fix it. If I stumble upon another pair, I may, but I think I like these as is.

Since it was so hot, I for went sleeves with this simple viscose v-neck. I generally prefer it un-tucked, but I wanted to embrace the highwaist on this occasion.
My brothers hand me down shoes have the added bonus of broken in for me; some days just call for the lived in converse.
My belt was thrifted for a pound, is real leather, and since we have a belt puncher, I got a great deal.
My satchel is broken, damn cheapskate tendencies coming back to bite me in the arse, so this is purely for appearance purposes.
Can't help but think how I wore this, peters on the edge of 'country'; other suggestions - bar crop tops, would be greatly appreciated.

Natural hair, and a switch up to gold jewellery this fine Friday.

As an alternative, I threw on a sheer shirt and some sandals. I think I prefer how this turned out as I don't look so young and, 'yee ha' - i can't be the only one to see it? / A bit more effortless, and still keeping to my fail save neutral palette.

You would never guess I had to make a mad dash away from the rain during this blog session,
the sun sure is beaming > Angelic glow don't you think?

V-neck Tee - New Look
Sheer Shirt - Primark
Jeans - Charity Shop
Cardigan - Miss Selfridge
Leather Jacket - Dorothy Perkins
Converse - Schuh
Sandals - Primark
Satchel - Primark
Necklace - Accessorize
Ring - Greece

ON closer look at practicality, these will have to be worn mid rise, but I still love how they look.
Big pockets, wide leg; I even like the look of rolled cuffs, that a short person like myself has gown to hating.

Unlike most mums, mine was skeptical, and I have to agree, I still prefer the look and feel of skinny (boy am I grateful for elastene denim hybrids on a day like today).
But, it is nice to switch it up now and then; in this case, with some good old fashioned stiff denim, and preloved cut.

I must admit, there are more finds.
But I don't want to look like bragging, or it swallow my blog topics. I'm sure they'll have their time in the future AmBlog spotlight.


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