Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Outfit | 'Darkside of Floral'

Another 'Outfit', from my Haulbook, featuring my Post Exam Buys.

Saturday 28th June 2014
The second of my errand run shirts - Pretty int it?
With a black backdrop, it's both eve appropriate and eye-catching.
Borderline garish colours and bright bold floral print, this'll be my hawaiin shirt equivalent.

Long sleeved, with black cuffs and thick piping, this shirt has a more tailored look. Heavier/better quality chiffon like fabric, allows me to pull it off without a cami underneath; satisfys the sheer cravings, but without being extreme. I also don't get dreaded static attack, both a bonus when I'm going for 'pulled together' - Yeah that's right, I don't everyday.
It is pretty fitted, compared to my usual standards of baggy, at a size 10, but it doesn't feel tight. I wore the buttons undone a little further, as I felt it sat on my body better. I'll just have to be a bit aware when leaning over.
Originally M&S Collection, this would have been far from cheap, dint the Charity shop come up trumphs! If I do manage to volunteer, this could be dyer for future funds; bad but good?
I was due to wear it to the cinema, but unfortunately that was put on hold; holla at me suggestions for when we reschedule.

 Cos a coat on shoulder looks so much more chic.

No girl, let alone boy, should be without some Levis (in my personal opinion) - Mine be faded black shorts. Unfortunately they fit a little big, so end up being mid rise rather than highwaisted, but it's a bonus to be able to bend and breathe.
I think double denim is doable as the washes' are so different, but I don't think I like how it turned out in this instance. Trial and error; too much colour maybe? Leather Jacket, like for many of you out there, will be my fail safe.

A swap of shoes, but still within the black theme, see me embracing the heels not only with dresses malarcy.
Ear Cuff was an afterthought. I got a set of 3 a few years back, one silver/gold/gunmeatal, but it gives me serious red ear - apparently jewellery is pain too?
Sorry that my hair seems to resemble straggly extensions, I've gone heatless, but we still aren't getting on; the barnett's lucky that this is a relationship I will work for!
Loving this shadow business though! Could sunbathe for weeks and never get that leg tan. Also just so happens my nails matched; love the little things.

Shirt - Charity Shop, Originally M&S 
Shorts - Levi's
Denim Jacket - F&F at Tesco
Leather Jacket - Dorothy Perkins
Loafers - Primark
Wedges - Newlook
Earcuff - Internacionale
Clutch - Newlook (didn't make the floordrobe cut as it is SO shit)

2 shoes, 2 coats - You know those blog posts where you just can't make up your mind? 

Please do not get the wrong impression regarding my 'outfit' opinions/posts; I'm just a girl, who puts clothes together she likes, and hopes for the best. I am far from a fashion blogger, simply love clothes, & AmBlog features my loves.


  1. lovely shirt! X

    1. Can't decide whether I love it
      Or love to hate it
      It certainly aint subtle

  2. Lovely shirt, I have Levi's like yours, xoxo.

    1. Thanks!
      Great minds - when they fit right, they just can't be beaten


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