Friday, 4 July 2014

Outfit | '2 A Tee'

Penultimate 'Outfit', featuring my 'Post Exam Buys'

21st & 29th June 2014
I was severely lacking on the white tee front. Correction, on the STILL white tees; mishaps with washing, and overuse, had left them looking drab and old.
I know what you're thinking, 2 White tees? Well if you're in the market, here's my scoop.

One, from a next clearance store near us called 'Choice' - whenever you see Next around here, chances are it's from choice. At £8, and cotton, this was a great find.
Slight varsity vibe, but not obnoxious. Mum went for size 16, as they tend to shrink a bit, and you know how I like my baggy. It's 3 quarter length on me, which isn't my top choice, but for this glorious weather? It suits.

The second, £4 from Newlook sale; I find Newlook more overwhelming than Primark! Too much stuff to look through, which actually puts me off from going in there atall. Again, mum was the one who found this - can you tell I sent her on a hunt?
It has the bobble, slight-marl texture originally, which is different, but the general sheerness is an issue. Hear I use a bandeau to protect my modesty, which will put it lower on my preference list for future wears. The trim is sheer chiffon, which I really like - a little detail which distinguishes it from the rest.

One, with Topshop Jamie Jeans - average any day appropriate.
The second, alongside a gorgeous cobalt blue skirt. At a stretch, midi, but easily manipulated to be any length I fancy. (At a push, a dress, but even within clubbing it's a close call). I wore this outfit to mum's friends Open gallery, in the sun I was appreciative of the thin and reflective white material, and injection of colour - would've been rude to turn up in monotone drab, whilst be surrounded by gorgeous works swimming in colour.

Tee - Choice, Originally Next
Jeans - Topshop
Converse - Schuh

Tee - Newlook
Skirt - Primark
Sandals - Primark
Glasses - Tatler Mag
Rings - Various

 I've ended up with 2 newbies to replace many a recycled
- Throw in some red, and I fully look the part of the honourary Frenchwoman, that I am today
Damn Germany just scored.

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