Thursday, 31 July 2014

Snippets & Snapshots | July 2014

Fair few exciting things happened this month; a week away, emergence of a heatwave and tan lines in England! Both friends and shopping, it's been a sweet start to summer.
Some moments worthy of their own post (watch this space), but for all the others, there is Snippets & Snapshots

Magic has been on holiday for 2 weeks and I have never missed a furry face more.

& they say birdpoo is lucky, how about just missing it? / ' / I feel that Jess

Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Nails | Periwinkle sparkle

Polish that goes gloopy, is a polish well loved. Us beauty Junkies have a hoarding habit, so for something to run out, or no longer be usable, is a sure sign of a favourite.

I was hooked on the Primark 4 nail polish sets, buying a total of 3, all at £2 per set. Madness - A great way for me to trial out some fun colours.

The blue set was a particular gem, and all it took was Rach rocking this hue, for me to rekindle my love.
It is not in a good state. The coats were sticky and the complete opposite of smooth when dry - but this doesn't stop me from recommending both these polishes, and the colour. It's old! No matter how expensive the polish, be it Chanel or Rimmel, they all have a use by date. Luckily, I managed to work around it.
I used 2 sticky coats of the blue. 2 varying coats of the glitter, and 2 of the top coat (where I would usually do one, 2 went more towards evening the texture of the blue )
One thing I will say is these took AN AGE to dry. A world cup game build up, duration, extra time and post match evaluation wasn't enough for these to set. But, the plus side? This manicure has gone a good week with absolutely no chipping, just slight wear on the nail tip.
I love this technique - and ombre glitter really livens up any nail colour. I ofc lean towards silver, but any type of glitter (large or small), would work, and it's a lovely way of incorporating some sparkle to your non chritsmas nail drobe. Colour is a beauty too, would really make my tan pop if I had any left! A moments silence as Alas, this will be joining the other polish pots in the sky. I'll have to keep my eye out for an alternative.

Saturday, 19 July 2014

Face & Outfit | 'Tandia turns 21'

A longtime family friend Tandia turned 21 on the 17th of June, something I always remember, as it's the same day my aunt turned 60! Offer of BBQ, Pimms and old friends, for which all the Smiths were invited too. I'm here to say a massive belated birthday, and share what Face and Outfit I sported to bring in her 22nd year!

Sunday 29th June 2014


Thursday, 17 July 2014

Life | 'Ardingly Summer Show 2014'

Sunday 6th July 2014
Summer Country Fair, through British tinted glasses
The Sunday before last saw the seasonal small holders show happen in Ardingly, Kent.
My Mum and I are regular goers to the Spring and Autumn offerings, but often back off the Winter ( too damn cold/usually wet for wandering round an outdoor market ) and Summer ( more geared towards lifestock ). But as we hadn't managed either this past year, we were having withdrawals.
Myself, my mum, aunt and dog in tow, made the drive, and boy was it lovely.

Sunday, 13 July 2014

Face | 'Bem Feito Brazil'

Sunday 13th July 2014
Football fever
I've have well and truly enjoyed watching the world cup.
Well that is something I never thought I would say! Without the stress of supporting your own team, I've loved everything but penalties. 
As I wasn't doing anything in particular today, I had a little bit of fun with my makeup - which lead to maybe my favourite FOTD, ever.
Unfortunately, I want neither of the teams left to win (yes I'm in denial) - so instead, I went for the hosts colours. Despite the last few games, Brazil have done the world and themselves proud, so here's my makeup nod, to a bash well done.
I found the shades more true to colour with flash

Monday, 7 July 2014

Outfit | 'Momager'

Final & Favourite installment of my  'Post Exam Buys'

Friday 27th June 2014
Oh Snap, the 90's are well and truly in, and I'm not sure how I feel about it
I must be one of the few that really hates the chocker thing - fat neck insecurities, and this whole mauve peach nude lip? That, and shimmer lipstick, are banished from this face/place/space.
'Birkenstocks' I can take, through fond family holiday memories. The idea of a loose fitting jean though, that still keeps the highwaist I so want, has me all interested.
But not for £40 quid thanks Topshop.

Friday, 4 July 2014

Outfit | '2 A Tee'

Penultimate 'Outfit', featuring my 'Post Exam Buys'

21st & 29th June 2014
I was severely lacking on the white tee front. Correction, on the STILL white tees; mishaps with washing, and overuse, had left them looking drab and old.
I know what you're thinking, 2 White tees? Well if you're in the market, here's my scoop.

Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Outfit | 'Darkside of Floral'

Another 'Outfit', from my Haulbook, featuring my Post Exam Buys.

Saturday 28th June 2014
The second of my errand run shirts - Pretty int it?
With a black backdrop, it's both eve appropriate and eye-catching.
Borderline garish colours and bright bold floral print, this'll be my hawaiin shirt equivalent.

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