Monday, 2 June 2014

Thrift Finds | #6, May 2014

#6: May, maybe-not-shop.

Well that was the plan, cue 1 afternoon revision rewarding.

Boots Clearance came up trumps this time around. An Array of No.7 eyeshadows, and a bunch of these Nails inc sets were on offer. I chose the shade 'Matte Maroon', with restraint getting just that one; and at £5 I thought the nails inc set was worth it, even purely for the full size top coat!

I haven't tried the eyeshadow yet, but expect good things due to my foree into that range before; at £1, it was also a bargain. Not looking completely matte in the pan is a point to note.
The nail polish set on the other hand, was ripped right open when I got home - after carefully arranged blogshots OFC - polish already on my nails you got no chance. On closer inspection, the shades are universally wearable; I think the only shade I won't use is the peachy brown, so that'll go to a loving home elsewhere.
Having heard that 'Baker Street' was associated w Beyonce, how could I not? One first coat, I was discouraged because it came out streaky, unlike the ones I'd tried before. By 2 is was opaque, mattish, and quick drying. The next day, it had already chipped; to be fair, those were the only chips all week, but if you start badly, you still end badly. Not sure about cobalt against my hands aswell. My feelings? Ho hum. At about 50p for a polish I'm soso about? I won't loose sleep. I also like minis, as I never finish the fullsize without full on glooping anyways.

I bought these 2 brushes from an unbranded drop price art supply store. I needed a liner brush, and a fan brush was something I was curious about as I suffer from the over highlighted-oily skin curse. These 2 cost me less than £5 together, and if anything, better quality than what I could buy in the shops/eBay. Synthetic, sanitised, and sturdy, they do the job - no reason I can't use them for makeup instead of paint? I haven't tried the liner brush yet, but having such a fine but wider brush for the face makes over application impossible.

Mum wanted to be buy me a Mag, an Eenie meenie miny mo later and Instyle came home with her, along with this Nails inc Polish. I've been very impressed with similair Nails Inc freebies before, and at seriously good value for money, my first trial into 'neutral' nails was worth the risk. Never before would I have thought cement tone nails would look good? Consider me a convert.
This month has been Nails Inc nuts!

My sole bargain clothe purchase was this shirt. Funnily enough, I'd tried it on full price, but that price had swayed me away. Mum had a £5 off voucher for the shop, so we ventured to M&CO purely for that reason luckily enough there was one on the 'there is something wrong with me' rail. The list? A lipstick smudge, and a missing button - fixable.. I tried it on, and said button feel out! Although I usually err on the 'oversized' vibe on my top half clothing, I loved the fit. Mum reckoned the smudge was removable, and even I can sew a button back on. I love the style; it echoes that of a burgundy shirt I wore on Christmas day and still love. It's sheer, without saying, can you see ma bra? Said button will also prevent this from 'how low can you go', to V neck. White version was always on the agenda, as I just love to wear white. The best part? With voucher, this cost me a mere tenner, for a staple, everyone should have.

Yes, that smudge is no more, and I am now a £22-off-shirt, and 5 domestic goddess points richer.  
  Anyone else notice? I didn't cave to the fine knit craving this month! Medal?


  1. I love shirts like that, xoxo.

    1. Epitome of flattering aren't they?

  2. Replies
    1. Me 3! Though I think it'll be winter time before it get's the most loving


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