Monday, 30 June 2014

Snippets & Snapshots | June 2014

Welcome to the unconventional photo album / my monthly montage; ft mainly Iphone snaps, maybe not deemed album worthy, from the month of June.

I pretty much banned phone time beyond necessity (the odd call/text), but once those exams were over, it's fair to say I went a little snaphappy/crazy. Let's call it 17th +

Yay for unay friends being home! / Pete's first Snapchat

The ones that make you smile / Best InstaPhoto I have ever seen. Kudos to stardak

Cramming hazard / Crazy nights in the Smith Household

Maj & her birthday false teeth, now she's 5 years old!

 Cliche Football Photos: Too old to match ya mum? / England down / gwarn Ghana! anyone but Germany.

When Birthday bashes come along

Snippets & Snapshots without food is a eye with no brow

Obnoxious Selfie - was feeling my makeup game that day / Flaglip take 1, behind the blonde scenes

Very British Summer
- Maybe next year we'll actually womble along to Wimbledon?

Pre 17th. Worth more than their weight in gold
/ I call this piece 'blood sweat and tears'

The Cornfords have be blighted by illness AND chicken pox this month, send love their way!
how could you not too those faces?

Brakedown - I managed to finish my geography A-Level without loosing the will
Spent too much time, and got whay too into the Sport ont telly - You know, If Costa Rica win, we would be the only team to not loose to the winners! Would make us honourary second right?!
Few too many food indulgence,
and some well missed friend time.

Where I lack in meaningful photos, I make up for in enjoying that time instead -
for all the other times, there are Snippets & Snapshots


  1. Love it! But never bake me that lemon cake!!! Xxxxx

  2. Hahaha, the little bubba's face and the comment go SO WELL!
    June looks like it's been a good month judging by the photos!
    JS xx

    1. Caption and Photo made it heaven!
      Ahhh yes summer has got off to a good start - hope is also was for you!


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