Friday, 27 June 2014

Outfit | 'Giraffe Joggers'

Second of my 'Outfit's',  featuring my 'Post Exam Buys'

Tuesday 24th June 2014
Nothing remarkable here, with some orange and reoccurring ponytail to cope with the heat. Accept, joggers are now deemed acceptable everyday clothing? 

In the real world?!
I jumped straight on that band wagon whilst revising, as looking a little better always perks my mood, and my regular jogging bottom options just weren't doing it for me. I swore off black, as that wouldn't suit the summer job I had them lined up for - but ofc, from then on, black was all I wanted/could find. Mum actually went out and found some for me; they slotted into my black wishlist, but with a sweet safari print, that suited the season.

At £17.99, a little steep, in my complete cheap creep standards, but were still worth the buy for how damn comfy! Suprisingly, they don't cling to my thunder thighs, nor my calves even despite the taper; my only fault is the draw string beads are like tiny nunchucks. Be cautious.

Sorry if I seared your eyes with the neon; did I mention I got that for a squid?  I <3 camis 4eva, even when they go out of 'style'. This one in particular, will be in constant use because of my orange obsession.
This necklace ft a few thrift finds ago, and I haven't shown it the love it deserves. Simple geometric pattern, the gold not too brassy, but I'm just not convinced on it atop my almost translucent skin?
Till my Haviannas are located, my old Primark wanna be's are doing over time. Black flipflops may seem a little, hypocritical? But with a wardrobe of neutrals, it would be rude not too.

Cami - Topshop
Joggers - New Look
Flip FLops - Primark
Necklace - Store Twenty One

When doing the math
This whole outfit post was less than £25!

- Including Dog, as she gives me her time/love for free

So photo forewarning and apology. I've had to do most of these 'Outfit's' by myself, so please excuse the odd fuzzy hue and bad brightness, It's damn impossible to get it perfect. Oh and Maj wanted in today.


  1. Love the outfit such a great summer look!:)x

    1. Mum's got good taste dunt she? Thankyou :)


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