Sunday, 22 June 2014

Outfit | 'A Day Older Than Yesterday'

First installment of 'Outfit's', featuring my 'Post Exam Buys'

Tuesday 17th June 2014
As it was midweek, 60th birthday celebrations for Dauntie/Dortie/Deedor were pretty subdued, in the form of drinks and nibbles ala her abode. But, it's still worthy of a dressup and a slick of lipstick, oui?

This was the very day I bought these scrummy heels, just couldn't wait to wear them!
Although I dig the whole strappy heel craze, I hadn't felt the need to indulge since I rarely wear heels, & my current black pair cover all bases. BUT, they are sooo pretty. & they matched my nail polish. &, due to a slight smudge they were £10 off, & mum managed to get it out, AND. I. LOVE. THEM.
Very summer appropriate, I don't feel the need to brace everystep, and they truly do look equally chic paired with jeans. Maybe I'll be more daring and wear them other week nights, yet to be seen.

A neutral base of my much loved, ever reliable, Jamie Jeans; paired with a simple stretch cami and my somewhat original white blazer, which I adore. Though the polish matched perfectly to the coral red shoes, lipstick was harder to co-ordinate - I settled on Collection 'Cherry Red'.
Clutch? Card. But it camouflaged, so worked a treat as a bluff bag - fooled you.

Blazer - Charity Shop, Originally Zara
Cami - BHS
Jeans - Topshop
Heels - Shop that sold 'Salt & Pepper'
Rings - 'Essentuals'
Jeans, Cami, Blazer, Heel combo will be a forever future fail safe. Cor, don't I love alliteration?

So today see's the slightly-surprise-sixties bash, 
She is a saint, and I want to again sing happy birthday!
Blogger FAIL
Seems I had a reaction to the detergent the dry cleaners used on my jacket.. In short, I had to change & try my hardest to stop scratching! This is real life, but AmBlog can be the rose tinted version. Today, in the form of these shoes, and this blazer, that I will actually wear OUT, asap!
edit 18.03.2016: Yesturday??? Post name spell check where you at


  1. I absolutely LOVE your heels!! And the bright lipstick goes really well with them as well x

    Yige || Yet Another Makeup Blog.

    1. I absolutely couldn't agree more
      If only I had more important places to go aha!
      Thankyou :) I think I just about pulled off the clash

  2. Replies
    1. Yes you can borrow them :)
      No you can't have them

  3. Love the jacket! X


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