Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Life | Dauntie, Dortie, Deedor, DIANA

My aunt to be exact, in 3 loving nicknames, from her Smithling relatives; followed by her actual name. She turns 60 today / one day older than yesterday, like us all - although I am present less today, by this weekend you won't know what's hit you.
I just wanted to say a bit fat THANKYOU, for being more than just an aunt to me. I live half my life in yours, and although i've changed alot >, you are still the caring and familiar face I can go to. I truly am blessed to have a relative/extension of my mum, and friend, in you.
I look forward to the familiar 'hello darlings' when we assemble of yours for drinks and nibbles this evening; 'with added dog hair, as everything tastes better that way'

With love,
 from one Hewson nose to another
(It was a real struggle to find any photos of me & Dortie, she must always be the one holding the camera!)

Fun Fact
Mine, and my 2 brothers birthday's, occur 40 years between my mum and her 2 sisters.
FREAKY. Fate or something?

p.s Exams are over, atleast for this year, can I get a hallelujah!
Just so happens that both my mum and aunts birthday, and fathers day, fall within the week of my 2 exams! Sods law.
Now time to celebrate!

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