Thursday, 12 June 2014

Current Loves | 'ThriftTube'

Geography exam now past tense - Ahh, The Smith's can breathe a communal sigh of relief. It went OK, for exam I was deathly unprepared for, I just see it as a bonus as I got it done! (I'm sure there are a few misconceptions out there, but these are not retakes)
If all is well come August, (37 UCAS of a possible 120 and I got myself a B), it's byebye Geog till uni time! fingers crossed.

As a means of study break entertainment, I, Like most people out there, have been sucked in by the YT revolution - I also found it a great help and source of entertainment when I was very unwell.
During my exams, I limited screen and tech time, picking purely my favs - ft. the Daily Vlog (itsjudyslife4life) and post bath tunes (IPhone lacking majorly behind) . I am now a whole December back on the Irish charm + their 6 dogs(<3!) - how do you rectify that without missing anything? So far, I know they are expecting a boy - please no spoilers.
I sense a SacconeJoly marathon in the future!

Now back to my Current Love - 'Thrift Videos'

Whether it be styling, shopping or hauls (though I hate that word) - it gets my thrifty juices flowing. I don't suddenly get the feeling to run out and buy something, like with regular hauls, but it has given me the itch! Thankfully, it's mum's bday tomorrow and that is the aim of the day, yay!
I thought I would give a mention to a few videos I've really enjoyed/people that have stuck in my mind - I usually just type thrift into the search bar and pick out what appeals, though the scrolling to find new material has got longer and longer as my obsession continues. Take a hint Amber.

Thrifters Anonymous (more recent videos) are my top choice to waste a half hour/mid makeup application - they take the camera with them whilst they're out searching; it's like you're going shopping with them, but without having to move anywhere, let alone across the pond. My only complaint, do more, I've ran out!
TheFashionCitizen (I must admit I find Melissa quite annoying) and Salamanda (who I just subscribed to today) are not just restricted to shopping, but the overall themes are: pro saving money, inexpensive fashion, and sharing exciting finds.

Thrifting/bargain shopping is a great way to save money, and I get bucket loads more satisfaction;
maybe these suggestions will tempt you too?

I have yet to find a similair sort of channel UK wise, any recommendations? - I'm Americana dreaming; you have it so good!
'For some the draw is Hollywood, for me its the whole lotta shopping'.
Thrift wise heaven.

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