Saturday, 21 June 2014

Buys | 'Post Exam-nemy', June 2014

My metaphorical victory dance post exams featured Pimms, and the long anticipated hunger games pt 2, was EPIC; but let's just say I was feelin spendy, and that didn't quite cut it.

Mum says I've earned it, I say, there is no need for justification.

Most of these fall within the 'thrift finds' category, but the freedom of time to spare has meant I've ventured into the highstreet shops aswell. This is collective, a good, 5 trips? - This is not a place to judge.
Much like in March, when bargains were a plenty, I've decided to make this into an 'Outfit' series, showcasing some great ones. Like any normal 'outift', just ft things that haven't gained any cobwebs from the back of my wardrobe.

For now a preview..
partly to build anticipation, but mainly cos I'm having to scrounge on others laptops, and can't import photos for an outfit in time for today. Also accounts for poor photo quality. #techissues

Happy longest day of the year UK!

Thankgod for birthday money, and charity shops -
 that gives me an idea

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