Saturday, 7 June 2014

Beauty Review | 'L'Oreal Rouge Caresse Lipsticks'

This was one of the snags of my boots bargain bucket haul. I don't wear lip products often, and if I do, I usually rub them off in angst half way through the day. They smudge, are sticky, and generally just feel like I've got something on my lips that shouldn't be there! Although I've managed to master the 'you must touch your face in a certain way as to not ruin the makeup', rubbing eyes is definitely out, but I've never been able to resist the urge to lick my lips? And don't get me started on the taste - sorry lip drawer, you are not getting the loving you deserve.
BASICALLY, if I decide a lip product is a favourite, and worth the sacrifice/is no sacrifice, it is AmBlog hitting news. Said lipstick is the Loreal Caress in 'Tempting Lilac '101''. don't be put off by the lid, and name, this is a gorgeous pink lipstick. A definite purple/blue hue, but still a soft-bright shade, that just amps up the natural pigment of my lips. On the same theme as the Revlon lip butters, these are ever so soft/balm like textures, with medium payoff, which is a good place for me to start. I agree with all the say on the website, which is rare! There is no mention of staying power, and I would say 3ish hours at a push, but for the summer, it isn't criteria top of the list. At £7.99 originally (though I managed a pound, score), this is one I think is worth the money. They don't scrounge on product, and I've yet to see a colour like it elsewhere, that is so flattering mid lip.

I'm not so mad on the other colour I have, Nude Ingenue '501', purely as the peach nude thing has never worked for me - silly to think it would start now!

Formula still trumps Revlon's hybrid though - BIG statement. 

Unfortunately, these shades are now discontinued, and priced at a whopping £15.78 on amazon! Damn, 'Lovely Rose' and 'Innocent Pink' are SO tempting - I'll let you deicde whether the splurge is worth more than a MAC lip indulgence. 

 Makeup is my vice in the sea of practice papers and pre-releases,
who knew my daily face routine could be such a luxury


  1. These look lovely! I agree with you about lip products, I usually hate having things on my lips unless it's a night out or something. The Revlon lip butters are pretty much the only thing I can put up with on a daily basis so these sound ideal. Is the whole range discontinued? :(

    Efflorescent Dream

    1. I was SO impressed
      Ever since I got lipstick fangs one night out, even that's off limits! but these are so balmy and smooth
      I think not, but some past shades on amazon are seriously steep - I was very lucky

  2. Lovely colours!! I'm the same way with lip products. In a way, I almost feel restricted with a foreign substance on my lips. It's as if I think I can't have food or drink or something. haha Great review!! :) And that's a tad upsetting that they've discontinued them.

    1. Like sugar from donuts, I can't leave it there!
      I get you - some of the faces I pull eating and drinking mid lip-product make me wonder why I bother with makeing up in the first place.
      Not all shades? I really should have checked before hand. aha


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