Thursday, 15 May 2014

Thrift Finds | #5, April 2014

#5: Birthday Month Bits

Although I pledged to take a break on spending, some deals were too good to pass up.

Ima start with the makeup, because this find makes me particularly giddy.

< Boots bargain bucket has gone down in these parts as a hidden diamond, but the other Boots clearance section regularly disappoints me. This time, was the exception. Up in the northern parts, I found me a benefit brush - sorry, the accent's just so catchy. I know, hold the phone, benefit in the clearance - I haven't bought anything makeup wise from them, let alone brush wise. It was a lone ranger, but still pretty pricey; at £8.25 for a bitty brush, my mum thought I was mad. Brushes, particually highend, do seem to be expensive! But, since I'd managed to sharpen my current brow/angle brush, don't start - blame the revision coma, it seemed like I had to buy it! The bristles are so much softer than my original Revlon version, but the shape still stiff, so the brow powder doesn't go all soft at the edges.
Yes, I was very happy when I came back to knowledge that I had paid half price, and gained a bloody good'n of a brush.
> Sole Charity Shop find is this simple long sleeved stripe top, originally Gap. One of those, not too exciting, but I still got excited about it finds. I mostly limit my spending to pieces I will wear over and over again, not so trend led; to find one at a drop cut price, and in good condition, makes me happy. £3.
Since I've been wearing my blue/white striped crew long-sleeved job endlessly, I now have something to alternate with, therefore keeping up cleanliness appearances, without loosing the look and comfort. I'll be honest, jogging bums and a stripe-top-hoody-combo, is the equivalent of my uniform these days.

My limbs are far from long and willowy, which I accept, but it does disappoint me that I can't seem to find a relaxed fit of jean, that doesn't give me the lower proportions of a Hefalump. Feel free to disagree, but the snug fit of skinny jeans, coupled with the sucky-in feeling, leave them my firm favourite fit. Espescially whilst comfy/flattering/loose denim bottoms remain elusive.
> I found these in an outlet me and mum stumbled upon on the way up to York, it's as if we have a homing device to these places? The shops weren't as much to my taste, but I am more than happy browsing, and did happen to find these.

I have acid wash jeans already, a nice way of adding some interest to your denim, without pattern, but blue was new? Considering I don't really wear blue, despite countless attempts from mum to share the obsession, I love them! So does Mum - I spy greedy paws.
What do you think? £20 down to £14. They fit nicely, although inevitably, double up as my socks aswell.

> Suprise. I didn't buy a knit jumper this time... ma mum did! Lots of Mumma Smith shout outs today, & here's a thankyou for this Jewel without the guilt. Well, why not stick to what you love?
£7.99 M&S. Side note, I've been <3'n M&S recently, I've found some gems in the sale and really love the new 'LIMITED' line, which is very confusing since it's not limited. Clever marketing strategy there. Sadly quite out of my price range, but boy is it pretty.
So what it's a little late? The blog can wait.

Rhymes and ramblings, aren't you lucky.


  1. Love the jeans!

    1. Me too! Really been feeling the blue? Which is new!

  2. Love the jumper, i love the colour. I have one like it but in navy blue.

    themiasalazar {life thoughts pictures}

    1. I've worn it non stop. Even glad it shrank in the wash!
      Good snag :) Believe me, I would have got the blue, but £28 price tag stopped me. Probably for the best

  3. Looks great! X


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