Monday, 12 May 2014

Thoughts | ME/CFS & FM Awareness

The month of May has the seal of 'M.E awareness month', and today, the 12th, is International ME/CFS & FM Awareness day. 

As regular readers will know, I have ME -
I am merely 1 of hundreds of thousands struggling with this condition.

This day is particularly poignant to me as it occurs shortly after my birthday, which this year, was my 4th suffering with the illness. Don't get me wrong, there have been vast improvements, and the idea of building my own blog just this time last year, would have been way out of reach. But, it is also a painful reminder; not being able to see friends, party, or be celebrating up in Uni where I expected to be. & that's just my birthday.

As I've said before, I try to get on with life - to not dwell, call it my coping mechanism; the reality though, is my life is all kinds of upside down, which is becoming increasingly hard to deal with. It is a crushing illness, and even now I struggle to talk about it, as it makes me so sad that my life is on hold. For someone age 16-20, hell, any age! this should not be happening - and data has proven that early diagnoses and better understanding improves recovery rate.

As someone who had never heard about the illness until I got it myself, I can sit in many of the shoes reading now - What is it? Why do you get it? How can we help? Well the first 2 I simply can't answer. Cases are so diverse, and I don't understand my set, let alone everyone elses. The pattern is a bout of illness, whether it range from flu to other's more sinsister, followed by the resounding 'ill' feeling that never goes away. Symptoms, reprocussions, low understanding are inevitable.
But knowledge is power, so I urge you, to spend a little time reading about it, starting a conversation on it, or spreading these links to get the voice known.

I know 39 followers doesn't seem a lot, but let's factor in some people I know that read that don't necessarily follow; make that a round 50. Say you wrote a status, texted a few friends, or sent an email - that could be easily 50 people. Say you all did that; that makes 5000, newly aware. Maybe I'm being a bit optimistic, but you get my drift.

There are charities, but I'm not here asking for donations, just a little understanding. A little of your time, & maybe a toast, to making the ME burden a little lighter by acknowledging this day. 
I found a lovely r.e comment 'just share, and care'.
Why not wear blue?
There are unknown/misunderstood illnesses all around us, we need to speak up about them. 

I'll be sure to do a more personal post on ME in the future, but today is about everyone. The illness, the awareness, the help needed to make ME a thing of the past.

A heartfelt thankyou for reading
Merry M.E Monday

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  1. Hey little cousin :-) I'm one of your regular readers, although not officially following. I love all your posts and these more personal ones are particularly interesting. My friend's sister was diagnosed with ME a few years ago, so it's something I've always tried to learn more about. Let me know if you ever want to meet up in London or to come and visit me and Dan in Bucks - our families are a bit rubbish at coordinating get-togethers! xxx


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