Sunday, 25 May 2014

The 100th Post!

This is post number Uno Hundert, which is quite insane really;
I thought it would be fun to run through what these 100 entries to the internet have entailed.

As readers will know, I like to keep my post subjects varied, and this blog is not set on one particular theme - unless you count me. I've stuck to my 1st Post Mantra.
AmBlog was always a platform to express myself, & Life/style would be top choice; general thoughts, ramblings, I've found it a great place to (censored) vent! & also a great alcove to revisit days out & holidays in post form. Beauty/makeup is my passion, and where I originally started reading blogs through. Clothes and shopping are major interests too, definitely fulfill the girgly (typo that I couldn't bear to change) GIRLY cliche we all love to love.

AmBlog's popular posts definitely have a theme. Consistently, Life & Shopping topping that list! 'Thrift Finds' was always more self than blog indulgent, but I'm glad readers share the thrift love too! I rarely pay full price on the goods any more, bargain shopper to the max. Food, TV, reviews, nothing is off limits.

I've definitely evolved from the days of late October. I used to to spend HOURS perfecting, reading, chopping & changing my posts - even bombarded dad with pre-posts to proof read, cos God knows I couldn't have a spelling mistake! I had plans, ideas galore, and a schedule. I still spend time, and thought, but I'm less uptight. If I don't have an idea? OK, it can wait. I'm not going to pointlessblog for the sake of adding another to my tally. That being said, I am pleased as punch with my tally so far!
But which is the best?

Cue, The 
(cos we all know I love a bit of word merging - AmBlog-Oscars)

I don't often ask for feedback, but today I do!
I've compiled a list of both most viewed and the favourites across the board - all well and good me including my 'chosen' when I'm the one who made them, but a second opinion may help you to choose your winner!

By Major Category & Most 'Popular'
Life - Christmas Day 2013 - Photo heavy, roundup of the day where even being a grownup doesn't take the fun out of life. Also, the most viewed of all.
Snippets & Snapshots - December 2013 - Monthly photo roundup; December isn't just about Christmas you know?
Beauty - Pretty in Pink - Art on Paper, has evolved to painting my face, this the readers' choice from the many.
Wardrobe - 'American Apparel?' - Me in an Outfit; comfy and full of bargain bits.
Thrift Finds - February 2014 - A mix of the best; both quantity and quality buys.
Colour Be lovin Burgundy - Second to my beloved Orange, but the jury has spoken!
Review - Jamie Jeans - Hopefully helpful, breakdown of my favourite style of jean.
Recipe - Rocky Road - The 1st subject post, and still a stellar foodyummy.
Thoughts - 'New Year Same M.E' - First serious post, relief after sharing, very touched by the response.
Video Magic Tricks - My personal FAVOURITE POST EVER. My first endeavour into video; crazy dog lady, but I dare you not to smile.
(slight bias as some posts have been out for longer, but then would have fewer current readers, therefore pretty balanced results)

Experts' view / The Familiars' Nominations
'Saturday Night fever' - high up there with clothing items of the century; the 'white blazer'.
'Today at the Tate' - Dad's favourite
'Inspired by Mum' - Creme of the Competition Crop
'20th birthday' - Life, Checkpoint; is that a grey hair I spy?
'Specs appeal' - Specsy faces cannot be serious
'Teenage dream' - Online 10 year photo album

Which would you nominate for top-spot?

Luckily, I win either way! - So here's my Oscar Speech equivalent..
A few thankyous - I could have done it without you, but I'm glad I didn't!
To DAD, for being my no.1 supporter and giving me the shove, to man up and make AmBlog. Happily trying out recipes, giving feedback on ideas, and general 111% enthusiasm in this venture! For being lead camera bearer,
which also falls to MUM. For just general mum-ness - aka, listening to me blog talk and seeming interested. Pointing out if the eyeshadow is too much, letting me use your laptop for duties, and helping behind the scenes .
Friends and Family, for enjoying and not judging.
&, all of YOU - reading, scanning, browsing, scowling, smiling, all of it. Thankyou. I love blogging, added bonus that others do too.

AmBlog you are more important than you know -
to the next 100, 
Now I'm off to celebrate with chinese, Happy Bank Holiday Sunday!

p.s. How many Links did I manage to squeeze in here?
Shameless Plugs.

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