Monday, 19 May 2014

Take Note | House of Fraser 'What's Your Red Carpet Style?' Competition

With my phone web windows constantly stagnant on past paper mark schemes, rather than my usual Blogger & Mail Online strong hold, I could be forgiven for slacking on the post front. Could also be forgiven for having a break. Blogging in that break, speaks volumes of my love for it. The love comes with perks, like makeup marvy, and competitions - luckily I've been prompted to a best of both words scenario.

Tools to make-me-up
Last night saw the return of the Baftas, and to mark the occasion, House of Fraser have done it again, with £100 worth of vouchers up for grabs. As you may notice by the title, FOTD/Face of the imaginary redcarpet is on the agenda.

Flash proof base calls for low/no spf, fuller coverage, with oil control. Summer Celcious brings bronzed skin, complete with lashings of highlighter; I decided to stretch beyond the realms of conventional gold eyeshadow, with some colour for the eyes. Using a mix of highstreeet shadows, including a new wet a wild palette 'Petal Pusher', the eye look has elements of deep burgundy and brown, over a plum purple base. No secret that purple compliments brown eyes to the max, but the emeralds shine through too. 

Entry criteria includes picking an item you think would complete your Bafta Face. 
I am unlucky in the nude lips department - Since Tom Ford's 'Nude Vanille' praises have been sung far and wide, I chose this as my metaphorical cherry. Ordinarily, a lipstick need want, could never stretch that far, but it's the Baftas!ish. And essentially the splurge is guilt free.

Shadow gradient - Bronzer > Light brown > Mauve > Blackened Burgendy > blend w mauve > Dark Brown. Mirror on lower lash line.
- couldn't have done it without you RT & Ecotools brushes.

I originally styled it with a fishtail braid, but it became a nightmare for my new layers - past the point of tousled. I chose a cream lace dress (H&M) to fulfill the dressing up experience, and compliment the eyes; with this dainty 'A' necklace adding a hint of jewellery - a very treasured 20th birthday gift.

Tangent - Julie Walter's fellowship award was FULLY DESERVED - the marvelous mad aunt we all wish we had. here here Bafta :)

Competition closes Sunday, all information on their post here.
I'm under no illusion that this theme is purely hypothetical, but this kind of thing doesn't stop with grownup-hood, best wishes if you enter! Let's hope the makeup gods are looking down on us,


  1. I love the eyes! Its soft yet smokey and I love it! I love it lots! And your eyebrows too. How I wish my eyebrows were that behaved.

    themiasalazar | the suburb scenes

    1. Thankyou thankyou! I was pretty happy how they turned out :)
      The eyebrows are constantly in need of taming, I'm just glad they grew back after I plucked them too oblivion!
      Kind words help to cover the embaressment of entering too late. Bad beauty blogger.


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