Thursday, 22 May 2014

Life | Lottie's Christening

Last Sunday, saw the christening of Lottie Grace, aka. Mini Mcfeeters. The weather was LUSH, no other word for it; food and company was pretty sweet too.

Sunday 18th May 2014

This day was made extra special because little Lottie is a bit of a miracle. She suffers with a congenital heart defect, that no-one had foreseen or expected her to survive through. But, by the grace of god, she did, and every smile of her's is a blessing. 

Mid Church / Pooch enjoying singing along
Centre - Vicar, Lottie, Annabelle & Tim
 surrounded by the godparents
^ How could you not smile back?

The day started at their local church, Sunday service, with Baptism and Communion in tow. Then we went down to the town hall for endless pizza, cake and sweetshop without the stop - bought the big kid out of everyone.

Handmade cake! Unfortunately I'll never know what it tasted like.
Bunting was mirrored in all the decorations. Cute/kitch, decorative pink things, which has Annabelle's name written all over it.

 Tim/Lottie's dad/Annabelle's hubby, started up a mobile Pizza business, roughly 2 years ago. He realised his dream and went for it. Now, he might end up satisfying those cravings of yours after a late night bar crawl, serving you sustenance at reading festival, or feeding the five thousand at your wedding. The pizzas are truly delicious, thin crust, varrying toppings, and the best part? that day we got them for free!

All that is left to say is, Thankyou -
To the Mcfeeters & CO for holding this special shindig, and letting me be a part of it. My tummy is still full, and the smile sticks around as I look back on the day's photos

Lottie has lots to look forward to,

p.s  original group shot is not my own photo, but I have Mcfeeter's permission.

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