Saturday, 10 May 2014

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I've been up & down the country this past long weekend, more on that in the coming weeks, but pre that, was my 20th birthday -


^20's celebratory Snapchat / OOTD^

The whole celebration was pretty low key, with myself and mum going roaming and enjoying a scrummy lunch at Wagamummas, then back for presents & cake - suited me. Birthday 'ME. style'. Come summer, hopefully, let the festive bday bbq begin!

So I sampled shops from Topshop to TKMAXX, Primark to House of Fraser, but 'Essentuals' was by far my favourite - Gorgeous, inexpensive range of silver jewellery.
I didn't actually buy anything all day! It may have been my birthday but I kept my pennies. That's not just what shopping is all about - I'm sure you all understand.

Waga with my gorgeous mumma. I chose 'chicken itame', a delicious blend of green coconut soup with chicken, noodles & mixed veg. NOM after NOM. I have yet to find I dish I haven't liked, henceforth, cementing it's place as my favourite restaurant.

Guess what I found. Topshop 'Aubrey2' cut out boots, size 4, £45. They fit, I had a voucher, was tempted, but trying them on for not even minutes, lead to rubbing - not a good sign. Was sad to leave them though!
I also found that SCHUH stock my beloved leather converse... but only in mens. Now that amazon is all out, I have to look elsewhere, as yet, no luck. Help welcome!

I actually bought this jumpsuit for another occasion, but it's so chic and comfortable I couldn't wait to start wearing it. On the daily, I wear it backwards, so the low front becomes a low back. Either way, I love it - black, in soft fabric, that hangs forgivingly over the bod.
Bit of sun came out to play, so boots were swapped for loafer esc flats, but that didn't help my feet with the day of walking. The layers were a precaution, although I wish I'd chosen my more fitted denim jacket, as the over-sized version coupled with the loose jumpsuit, did drown me a little bit. My hair swiftly uncurled, but with those loves of mine - the mirrored aviators, I still felt oh so happy with my birthday outfit.
 Jumpsuit - Matalan, worn backwards.
Cardigan - Miss Selfridge
Denim Jacket - Charity Shop
Sunglasses - eBay
Bag - Primark
Shoes - Primark
Jewellery - Simple silver rings, necklace and charm bracelet.
Makeup was very everyday average.

Kudos to Jess for snapchat-card of the day.

I also want to take this opportunity to thank any relevant readers for your generous presents, thoughtful cards, and Bday wishes; I was well and truly spoiled.

I look different because I came home and had a bath.
'Is your hair wet, or is it just sweaty?'; miss you grandpa.

Coffee & walnut, oh so fancy, oh so grownup. So were the brownies that followed - with cake forks and everything!

We also watched 'The Butler' to round of the evening. I was not expecting what I saw, it was very powerful, and I thought Oprah did a sterling job. I would recommend it if you're after a more serious, thought provoking viewing - but I won't say too much as not to ruin the storyline.

Here's to the next 20.

& since people continue to kindly remind me of it - Happy 3rd anniversary Wills & Kate
The new chapter - Amber 2.0. 
(can you tell I've been drowning in maths A-Level?)


  1. Happy belated! Love how your hair looks in the pictures! Looks like you received a lot of cards and presents too! Lucky you :)

    Would love if you check out my blog
    Just made various social media accounts too so if you'd like to follow me in any of them, I would really appreciate it! :)

    1. Thankyou! It turns Chameleon in the different lights, considering highlights in the summer?
      Very lucky me :)

      Course I'll have a nosey
      Thanks for stopping by :)

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